Did you know that you can click on the “Help” link within your application pages and have it open PeopleBooks topics related to the specific page you have open?  As an example, in the screen shot below the Schedule page under Maintain Requisition component in the Purchasing application is open, by clicking on the “Help” link the system will open a new page and display all related PeopleBooks topics for the page. You can then click on the PeopleBooks link for the area of interest and learn more about the features provided in this page/area. This is a great feature to have as it allows you to quickly access product information within PeopleBooks and saving you time searching for your answers!
Help PeopleBooks.bmp

The PeopleBooks Help link is not only available for PeopleSoft applications, you can also use it in Application Designer. Setting up PeopleBooks Context-Sensitive Help is easy and only takes a few minutes. More information about this feature and how to set it up is in Document 1390571.1 (Information on Oracle Hosted PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleBooks).