Mohit Jain CI Based Web Service 


Integration of PeopleSoft based systems with tools/legacy systems has always been an industry need. CI Based Web Service enables developers to provide an interface to expose the existing PeopleSoft System’s capabilities to third party systems without compromising on the security implemented in the Business Layer.


PeopleSoft Integration Broker enables you to take an existing component interface and create a service that can be used to invoke the component interface. Further, it creates service operations, including request messages and response messages (if appropriate). The system creates an inbound any-to-local routing for the service operation version, as well as handlers for each method you choose to include in the service. All service operations you generate from component interfaces are synchronous service operations.


We tested this by creating a CI for the Expense Report Entry component and then utilizing it for creating a Web Service that can search for existing Expense Reports. For details, please refer the attached document.


For creating Service Operation for Component Interface, use the following navigation:
•     PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Web Services > CI-Based Services
For generating Web Service from Service Operation, navigate as follows:
•    PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Web Services > Provide Web Service


For more detailed information on this feature, please read the following PeopleBooks Chapter: Understanding Creating Component Interface-Based Services