Raul Cocias [AM] Benefits of What If Depreciation Functionality  


PeopleSoft Asset Management provides you with the ability to perform what if depreciation simulation modeling and to load the net book value results into a spreadsheet program for analysis  


Another useful benefit of the What If Depreciation feature is to project the depreciation if you add an asset and run the actual depreciation program. For example, you can create an asset and run the What If Depreciation program rather than running the actual depreciation program. You can then see what the depreciation amount for the asset would be, go back and modify the depreciation parameters accordingly, and then perform the actual depreciation.


The What If Depreciation page uses the AM_DEPR_COMP application engine program to run simulated depreciation instead of the actual depreciation program (AM_DEPR_CALC).Path: Asset Management, Depreciation, What If Scenarios, Request, What If Depreciation