Mohit Jain          RSS Feed Using PS Query 


RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds which are commonly used to publish frequently updated information removes the need for the user to manually check the website for new content. Feeds provide rapidly changing content available to users. These Web feeds are also available in PeopleSoft and are configured via PeopleTools Feed Publishing Framework. RSS Feeds Using PS Query can be useful in scenarios where business administrators review Query Data by logging into the system and running the query. PeopleSoft applications offer feeds in Atom 1.0 format only.


The Feed Publishing Framework provides a simplified guide for content owners and administrative users to create, configure, and maintain feed definitions and feed templates of various types. You Integration Broker should be properly configured and running for using feeds.

We created a PS Query which fetched details of all the Expense Reports that are in pending status. For our use case, we used this query to publish feed which can be used by BU Expense Admin to monitor the Expense Reports.


For details on this use case setup, please refer the attached document.


PS Query feeds can be published in two ways:


     1.    Publishing Using the Publish as Feed Pages-

            Navigation - Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager, Select the query that you want to publish as a feed and click the Edit link.

     2.    Publishing Using the Feed Publishing Wizard-

            Navigation - PeopleTools, Feeds, Feed Publishing Wizard


Published feeds can be directly subscribed using tools like MS Outlook.

For more detailed information on this feature, please read the following PeopleBooks Chapter: Feed Publishing Framework Overview and Understanding Query Feeds.