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Mohit Jain Create Express Expense Report 


Express Expense Report enables you to import all unassigned My Wallet transactions available for the employee into an expense report without requiring the user to do it manually. This feature was released in FSCM 9.2 Image 13.  


It introduces the ability to create Expense Reports having their lines pre-populated with unassigned My Wallet entries for the employee associated to the report.   In other words, when the page opens up, expense lines are displayed already filled up with the available My Wallet transactions for that particular employee without requiring the user to do it manually.


Navigation for this feature

  • Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expenses > Expense Reports > Create Express
  • Travel and Expenses > Express Expense Report  > Create Express


For more detailed information on this feature, please read the following PeopleBooks Chapter: Creating Express Expense Reports



Emil Dragan Billing InterUnit/BIGNAP01 Accounting 


Below in Case A, B and C several pages are referenced – putting their navigation here:


  • Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Install > Installation Options > Overall page;
  • Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Business Unit Related > General Ledger > General Ledger Definition, the Inter/Intra Unit tab;
  • Suppliers > Supplier Information > Add/Update > Supplier for the supplier used on the GL Definition page, the Identifying Information tab;
  • Customers > Customer Information > General Information for the used Customer in the transaction, the Bill To Options tab;
  • Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions > Inter/IntraUnit > System Transaction Map, the Transaction Options page for the BIIVC transaction;
  • Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions > Inter/Intra Unit > InterUnit Template page for the BIIVC transaction code.

Case A:

  • Installation Options page – the Use Legal Entity for InterUnit checkbox is selected;
  • General Ledger Definitions between the Units share the same Legal Entity Unit;
  • The InterEntity and IntraEntity entries on the InterUnit Template page will become Active, which InterUnit ones will become Inactive;
  • The system will use the IntraEntity accounts setted-up on the InterUnit Template page ( IntraEntity Receivable for the AR Offset account, IntraEntity Revenue for the Revenue account, IntraEntity Expense for the Exp/Inv account and assign the “AP will generate Voucher, distribution is defined in AP” option on the InterUnit Payables );
  • The PS_BI_ACCT_ENTRY record will be populated with the Receivables and Revenue accounts;
  • The PS_PENDING_DST record will be populated with the Receivables account;
  • The PS_VCHR_DIST_STG record will be populated with the Payables account from the IU Template page.

Case B:

  • Installation Options page – the Use Legal Entity for InterUnit checkbox is selected;
  • General Ledger Definitions between the Units DO NOT share the same Legal Entity Unit;
  • The InterEntity and IntraEntity entries on the InterUnit Template page will become Active, while InterUnit ones will become Inactive;
  • In this case, the system will use the InterEntity entries from the InterUnit Template page instead of the IntraEntity ones;
  • All the other details will remain as above.

Case C: 

  • Installation Options page – the Use Legal Entity for InterUnit checkbox is DESELECTED;
  • The InterEntity and IntraEntity entries on the InterUnit Template page will become Inactive, while InterUnit ones will become Active – the exact opposite from the above 2 scenarios;
  • The system will use the InterUnit accounts, just as in the above scenarios with the same comment that the InterUnit accounts will be used, neither InterEntity, nor IntraEntity ones.

One other comment: 

Assuming that Installation is set to Use Legal Entity, both Units share the same Legal Entity, therefore the system will use the IntraEntity accounts, BUT on the System Transaction Map, the Transactions Options page for the BIIVC process, the “Generate AP Voucher” is not checked, then when adding the Billing invoice, on the InterUnit Payables page, the system will not assign the “AP will generate Voucher, distribution is defined in AP” option, but it will retrieve the IntraEntity Payables account found on the InterUnit Template page. One further note – if the Generate AP Voucher is un-checked, the system will not process anything within BIGNAP01, therefore noting will be written in PS_VCHR_HDR_STG, PS_VCHR_LINE_STG or PS_VCHR_DIST_STG.

Raul Cocias Asset Management Project Costing Integration


A key component in managing the capitalization of a self-constructed asset is properly measuring the costs of creating the asset. 

Asset Management integrates with PeopleSoft Project Costing by sharing information about assets associated with ongoing projects. Assets that originate in Project Costing are typically the result of construction projects. They can accumulate cost information associated with salvage and removal costs, proceeds for a sale, and so on.


201510_AM PC Integration.png

After you transfer data from Project Costing, you can preview asset information in the loader tables before running Transaction Loader.

Costing fields :

  • Project Costing Business Unit business_unit_pc
  • Project ID project_id
  • Activity ID activity_id
  • Source Type resource_type
  • Category resource_category
  • Subcategory resource_sub_cat
  • Analysis type analysis_type

Main bundles that have impacted/added 9.1 projects chartfields are : B#s 9, 16, 18, 26

In this episode of PeopleSoft Talk, Marc talks with Greg Kelly about PeopleSoft Security. 


Topics discussed include:


  • Secure by Default initiative
  • Critical Patch Update process
  • Phishing and what PeopleSoft delivers to prevent attacks
  • Mobile Device security
  • How does Oracle handle potential security threats
  • Protecting customer information in security SRs
  • Documentation for securing your environment


See Doc ID 2060772.1 (Useful PeopleSoft Security Links) on My Oracle Support for more information.

Campus Solutions Bundle 39 has been posted to My Oracle Support, and the corresponding Master Note for this bundle is also now available.


If you follow the link to the recently posted Campus Solutions CS 9 Bundle #39 - Master Note for Questions or Problems with Patchset 21378889 (Doc ID 2068790.1) you will find a great deal of reference material and a long list of “no problems found” entries.  While we hope that we never find any problems to list in this document, you can alleviate a lot of headaches stemming from the application of this recently posted bundle by reviewing this master note during your planning phase.


The intention of a Master Note for a Campus Solutions Bundle is to provide you with information regarding problems or issues with the application of the bundle, including any functional issues that have been reported and believed to be the result of applying this bundle.  In the Master Note, you will find sections for:


  • General Information on documentation, policy and the contents of the bundle
  • Problems applying the bundle, which will be continuously updated for any issues reported to Support
  • Functional problems attributed to this bundle in any of the Campus Solutions products


Before you apply this bundle, please review this master note and bookmark (by clicking the hollow yellow star next to the document title) it so that you can quickly revisit it during your planning and implementation phases.  If you are planning to apply any other bundles to your Campus Solutions product, please be sure to review the corresponding master notes, which can significantly decrease the time and effort involved with the application of maintenance.

Please also note these other related docs:

Campus Solutions (CS) 9.0 Bundle #39 Functional Documentation and Additional Features - Regs 1 2016-2017 October 2015 (Doc ID 2056414.1)

Most Recent Version of Campus Solutions 9.0 Chapters for PeopleBooks (Doc ID 1523915.1)


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Monday Mix at Glance



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Have you visited Oracle's PeopleSoft Learning Stream within Oracle University lately? We have added several new learning videos for the Purchasing, eProcurement and Inventory products.


Below is a list of all the new training videos. Don't miss out and visit the Oracle University website to see these videos to learn more about the products. 



Purchasing, eProcurement, Payable and Asset Management Interface

Receiving and Inventory Item not on a Purchase Order

eProcurement Casual Receipt for an Asset Item

Clear Requisition Information from Purchase Order Line Distribution

Sourcing Purchasing Requisition to Inventory MSR's and/or Purchase Orders

Cancelling a Inventory Material Stock Request generated from a Purchasing Requisition

Receipt Allocation Type

Sourcing eProcurement Requisitions to Inventory Material Stock Requests and/or Purchase Orders

Requisition Loader and Requisition Loader Defaults

Change the Price on a Non-Purchase Order Receipt



eProcurement Casual Receipt for an Inventory Item

Requisition Workflow



Inventory Storage Containers

Inventory Pegging


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Oracle PeopleSoftPalace HotelSunset Court
Server / StorageMoscone South737


Other Featured Support Services Demonstrations


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Program or Service Area

HCM - Fusion ApplicationsMaximize Your Investment in Oracle HCM Cloud Services SupportPalace Hotel, Sunset Court
ERP - Fusion ApplicationsMaximize Your Investment in Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Services SupportMoscone West, Level 1 ERP Showcase
PaaSMaximize Your Investment in Oracle Technology Cloud Services SupportMoscone South, Oracle Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Showcase
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Oracle Consulting(Announced at the event)Moscone West, ERP Showcase
Oracle Advanced Customer Support(Announced at the event)Moscone South, Oracle Database DEMOgrounds (area 122)


Additional Links


The new PeopleSoft Online Help (formerly PeopleBooks) has been updated with mobile friendly responsive design. The display format will automatically adjust based on the device you are using, like a smart phone or a tablet.

The interface as gone through a major design change, adding a new navigation choices, such as a tree taxonomy, and Business Map navigation. Finally, even more video media has been embedded into the help, with the introduction of the PeopleSoft Online Help videos, which are non-audio demos of functionality, best practices, and implementation steps.


PLEASE watch this short video demoing the new PeopleSoft Online Help.



PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Navigation Standards contain information about using key PeopleSoft functionality to create highly usable, efficient, and productive experiences for Oracle customers. See Document 2063602.1 for more details and the Fluid User Interface white paper.

Fluid UI.png

There's no particular reason to be wordy about this, so...


The Campus Solutions Maintenance Schedule for 2016 (Doc ID 2063385.1) is now available.


The Campus Solutions Financial Aid Regulatory Release Schedule (Doc ID 747743.1) has also been updated for 2016.


All information on these schedules is relevant for PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9.0 only, and the schedules have not yet been updated for version 9.2.  Follow this blog to know as soon as these docs are updated for that version of Campus Solutions.


“When is the next PeopleTools release going to be generally available?”


Oracle’s customer support team cannot comment on software that is not yet released, including release dates.

See E-INST: When Will the Next PeopleTools Be Released? (Doc ID 1362860.1). 


You may reference 1966243.2 - PeopleSoft Planned Features and Enhancements.  Or, check back, looking for Oracle's PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.55 Release Notes.


“We have an older application (FSCM9.0) that is currently using PT 8.51. Can we upgrade this to PT 8.54?”


This application release level is now on Sustaining Support. 

If you review our document Lifetime Support Summary for PeopleSoft Releases (Doc ID 1348959.1), you’ll see the  statement:


New PeopleTools releases are not tested with application releases on Sustaining Support, however we expect PT releases to be largely backward compatible.  If an issue is found within the PT version itself and can be replicated with a current application release (one that is on Premier or Extended support), Peoplesoft will resolve the problem according to the PT support policy.  If the issue is exclusive to the older application release, a new fix will not be delivered since the application is on sustaining Support.


See the PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.54 Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 1915618.1), Certification Path section, you’ll see that the upgrade is written to accommodate  any 9.0x or higher PeopleSoft application or a PeopleTools-only application, upgrading to PT 8.54.02+;   or any 8.4x, 8.8x, or 8.9x PeopleSoft application on PeopleTools 8.4x or higher patch level upgrading to PT 8.54.14+. 


The really important thing to consider is that you will need to use a certified platform for the PT 8.54 level.  Verify each product by checking the MOS / Certifications / certification search where Product = PeopleSoft PeopleTools and Release = 8.54 (search).


Also, refer to E-UPG: PT8.4x, PT 8.5x: What Versions of PeopleTools Will Your Application run on? (Doc ID 1915747.1)


“We’d like to clarify the different PS Homes used in a PeopleTools Only Upgrade. And, what to do with them afterwards?”


In the PeopleTools only upgrade to 8.54.nn, the instructions have you install a separate PeopleTools PS_HOME for the purpose of the upgrade.  (See document Getting Started on your PeopleTools Upgrade posted to the PT8.54 Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 1915618.1).


This is the upgrade ‘source’ environment.  The upgrade proceeds, and the new codeline from Source is applied to Target, resulting in your Target at the new PTools release level.    What happens next: 


If your site is using a de-coupled installation scenario, where the application code is in PS_APP_Home, and the PeopleTools code is in PS_Home, then adjust your pathings and configuration manager to the new release PS_Home.   


If your site is using a classic installation scenario, where the application code and the PeopleTools code are both in the PS_Home, then you can manually copy the new release PS_HOME (the Target of the PTools Upgrade, containing only tools) over the old release PS_HOME (containing tools + app). This will only replace the PeopleTools files.


“We’re using a PUM Upgrade Image in our upgrade.  What Ps_Home codeline should be used to locate the upgrade script files?”


Using an Upgrade Image as the Source environment can be a great time-saver, when preparing for an Application-and-PTools upgrade.

However, don’t forget to also install a new release codeline to use as the Source Ps_Home -- using the software media available on the Support Delivery Cloud website (previously called


“We want to take a backup of the New Release Demo and we are using an Upgrade Source image as the New Release Demo.  How does that work?”


The PUM Upgrade Source Image(s) could be backed up/restored one of two ways:

1. A snapshot of the entire Virtual Image could be taken.

2. The Image could be re-imported/recreated. The Image is a delivered virtual environment. Recreating it is no different than restoring it from a backup.

If a PUM Upgrade Source Image has had required-for-upgrade patches applied to it, then a backup/snapshot should be taken after these patches were applied.


Otherwise the Image could be recreated from scratch, and with the required-for-upgrade patches then being re-applied.

The PeopleSoft Payroll WorkCenter Video Feature Overview (VFO) is now available.  You can watch the video here:

The Payroll WorkCenter is easy-to-use and helps your Administrators proactively monitor and control payroll transactions using key alerts, queries, links, reports, and processes.


For more information on this WorkCenter, you can also watch the recorded Advisor Webcast session below:


ADVISOR WEBCAST: PeopleSoft Payroll for North America 9.2 (Product Image 9): New Capabilities - Dec. 2, 2014 (Doc ID 1942947.1)

This one-hour session is recommended for functional users who use PeopleSoft Payroll for North America. In this Webcast, you will learn about the latest and greatest functionality in release 9.2 with Product Image 9. The session demonstrated how the new Payroll WorkCenter is redefining the Payroll Administrators experience. Come learn how the WorkCenter combines transactions, analytics, worklists, alerts, and reports into a configurable framework that can be tailored to each role based user. You will see how this single interface that will increase productivity by streamlining and simplifying work and providing access to all needed information in one place. In addition we will take a sneak peak at the new fluid user interface.


More information can also be found in HCM 9.2 Online Help/PeopleBooks.



Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community! We highly encourage you to personalize your community display name to make your activity more memorable. Please see for instructions.