Have you visited Oracle's PeopleSoft Learning Stream within Oracle University lately? We have added several new learning videos for the Purchasing, eProcurement and Inventory products.


Below is a list of all the new training videos. Don't miss out and visit the Oracle University website to see these videos to learn more about the products. 



Purchasing, eProcurement, Payable and Asset Management Interface

Receiving and Inventory Item not on a Purchase Order

eProcurement Casual Receipt for an Asset Item

Clear Requisition Information from Purchase Order Line Distribution

Sourcing Purchasing Requisition to Inventory MSR's and/or Purchase Orders

Cancelling a Inventory Material Stock Request generated from a Purchasing Requisition

Receipt Allocation Type

Sourcing eProcurement Requisitions to Inventory Material Stock Requests and/or Purchase Orders

Requisition Loader and Requisition Loader Defaults

Change the Price on a Non-Purchase Order Receipt



eProcurement Casual Receipt for an Inventory Item

Requisition Workflow



Inventory Storage Containers

Inventory Pegging