Raul Cocias Asset Management Project Costing Integration


A key component in managing the capitalization of a self-constructed asset is properly measuring the costs of creating the asset. 

Asset Management integrates with PeopleSoft Project Costing by sharing information about assets associated with ongoing projects. Assets that originate in Project Costing are typically the result of construction projects. They can accumulate cost information associated with salvage and removal costs, proceeds for a sale, and so on.


201510_AM PC Integration.png

After you transfer data from Project Costing, you can preview asset information in the loader tables before running Transaction Loader.

Costing fields :

  • Project Costing Business Unit business_unit_pc
  • Project ID project_id
  • Activity ID activity_id
  • Source Type resource_type
  • Category resource_category
  • Subcategory resource_sub_cat
  • Analysis type analysis_type

Main bundles that have impacted/added 9.1 projects chartfields are : B#s 9, 16, 18, 26