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IT'S HERE!!! The New PeopleSoft Information Portal is now live!!


Check out the new web responsive design, which works beautifully on all devices.

Also, you have to check out the new Concept Pages. These pages are dedicated to some of the most important PeopleSoft technology and features, like Fluid User Interface, PUM, etc.


In PUM 14, PeopleSoft delivered two important Manager Self Service features for Guided Self Service (GSS):



1) New action/reason – “Position Change/Reports to Change”


Why did we add this action/reason?


The Guided Self Service (GSS) Focus Group requested the ability for a manager to iniate a Reports To change for employees in position (and once approved it would update position management & job data with the new reports to).  Focus Group requested a specific reason “Reports To” vs. using the generic ‘Position Change’(easier to idenify the change in Job Data/Position with reason ‘Reports To’).


In order for GSS to use this transaction, CORE HR and Position Management first needed to be updated – since GSS is a ‘front-end’ into Job Data and Position Management.


This new action/reason is available to use in Job Data and Position Mgmt – even if you are not using Guided Self Service.


  •     New Position Reason – Reports To Change now available to use


  •     New Job Data Action/Reason delivered – Position Change/Reports To Change now available


  •     New Job Data Action/Reason delivered – Position Change/Reports To Change now available




2) End-2-End integration for GSS> Position Management>Job Data


Why did we make this change?


The Guided Self Service (GSS) #1 enhancement request was to have a manager initiate a transaction (Location Change) and upon approval have the information update Position Management and Job Data.  Prior to PUM 14, if a manager initiated a Location Change, transaction would be approved but an HR Admin would have to manually key the transaction into Job Data/Position Mgmt.  This is the #1 reason why customers modified MSS or didn’t roll out MSS (no end-2-end integration).


With PUM14, PeopleSoft has delivered the end-2-end integration for Location Change and Full/Part-Time Change.  Additional transactions with position mgmt/job data will be delivered in future PUMs (location & status change is just the start).


See testing page shots below.


Note: PeopleBooks will be updated (very soon) will detailed info on the new functionality being delivered in PUM 14 for GSS.


  •     Current functionality for Position Management prior to PUM 14.  HR Admin would have to manually update the transaction for job data/position mgmt.


  •     New message says “Position Data will be UPDATED as a result of this transaction” – YEAH!!!


  •     You config if you want position management to be updated automatically (part of GSS transaction configuration)


  •     You select the position reason you want to be used.


  •     After AWE Approvals, the HR Admin selects option to ‘automatically update the database’



  •     Position Management is automatically updated with the new Location


  •     Job Data is automatically updated with the new Location



Visit the PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page Document 1641843.2 for more information including the Image schedule.


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