In PUM 14, PeopleSoft delivered two important Manager Self Service features for Guided Self Service (GSS):



1) New action/reason – “Position Change/Reports to Change”


Why did we add this action/reason?


The Guided Self Service (GSS) Focus Group requested the ability for a manager to iniate a Reports To change for employees in position (and once approved it would update position management & job data with the new reports to).  Focus Group requested a specific reason “Reports To” vs. using the generic ‘Position Change’(easier to idenify the change in Job Data/Position with reason ‘Reports To’).


In order for GSS to use this transaction, CORE HR and Position Management first needed to be updated – since GSS is a ‘front-end’ into Job Data and Position Management.


This new action/reason is available to use in Job Data and Position Mgmt – even if you are not using Guided Self Service.


  •     New Position Reason – Reports To Change now available to use


  •     New Job Data Action/Reason delivered – Position Change/Reports To Change now available


  •     New Job Data Action/Reason delivered – Position Change/Reports To Change now available




2) End-2-End integration for GSS> Position Management>Job Data


Why did we make this change?


The Guided Self Service (GSS) #1 enhancement request was to have a manager initiate a transaction (Location Change) and upon approval have the information update Position Management and Job Data.  Prior to PUM 14, if a manager initiated a Location Change, transaction would be approved but an HR Admin would have to manually key the transaction into Job Data/Position Mgmt.  This is the #1 reason why customers modified MSS or didn’t roll out MSS (no end-2-end integration).


With PUM14, PeopleSoft has delivered the end-2-end integration for Location Change and Full/Part-Time Change.  Additional transactions with position mgmt/job data will be delivered in future PUMs (location & status change is just the start).


See testing page shots below.


Note: PeopleBooks will be updated (very soon) will detailed info on the new functionality being delivered in PUM 14 for GSS.


  •     Current functionality for Position Management prior to PUM 14.  HR Admin would have to manually update the transaction for job data/position mgmt.


  •     New message says “Position Data will be UPDATED as a result of this transaction” – YEAH!!!


  •     You config if you want position management to be updated automatically (part of GSS transaction configuration)


  •     You select the position reason you want to be used.


  •     After AWE Approvals, the HR Admin selects option to ‘automatically update the database’



  •     Position Management is automatically updated with the new Location


  •     Job Data is automatically updated with the new Location



Visit the PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page Document 1641843.2 for more information including the Image schedule.