Do you want to know more about PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture?  Please review the following FAQ which we hope will answer some commonly asked questions.


The questions answered so far are.....


What is PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA)?

How is PCA delivered?

When will PCA be available?

Do I need to purchase PCA?

Will PCA change the commercial terms for PeopleSoft (licensing and/or support)?

Does PCA turn PeopleSoft into a SaaS solution?

Now that PeopleTools delivers patches using Deployment PacKages (DPKs) for Linux and Windows, where do I get them?

I understand that DPKs are provided for Linux and Windows operating systems, but I don’t run on those – is PCA still applicable to me in some way?

How do DPKs differ from Oracle VM templates or VirtualBox appliances that were previously delivered?

Besides the flexibility in configurations, the automation capabilities, and the compatibility with multiple virtualization technologies, are there other benefits that PCA will provide?

Is that it? Are there any other benefits of PCA?

I’ve heard that DPKs will simplify how PeopleTools patching is performed, but how?

Will DPKs change how I currently use Update Images and PUM?

What is PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA)?I have my own processes in place to provision PeopleSoft environments. Can I continue to use them or are Deployment Packages required?

Will PCA help me with refreshing environments, and if so, how?

Each time I apply a PeopleTools patch, I need to tweak some settings in the environment – will DPKs overwrite my changes?

Update Images required a bare metal install – do DPKs also have this requirement?

Is deploying PeopleSoft to the cloud using PCA a requirement?

Where can I find more information on PCA?