Is your site considering an  application-and-Peopletools upgrade to 9.2 (plus image) on PT8.55?


You will want to review the document "Getting Started on Your Psft Upgrade Addendum"  posted to the Application Upgrade Home Pages.

At this time, it is available for FSCM on PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 1963697.2),

in the Upgrade Documentation sections for those upgrades that incorporate PeopleTools 8.55.


Of interest in this doc, see section "Changes to Upgrade on PeopleSoft 8.55".


--Separation of PeopleTools and Application Upgrade


A PeopleSoft upgrade typically includes a PeopleTools and a PeopleSoft application upgrade.

Prior to PeopleTools 8.55, the PeopleTools upgrade could be combined with the application upgrade in one upgrade job.


Beginning with PeopleTools 8.55, the PeopleTools upgrade is separate from the application upgrade.

You will need to perform the PeopleTools upgrade before the application upgrade, if your environment is not at the same PeopleTools release

as your application upgrade source


--Databases Used for Upgrade


With PeopleTools 8.55, the following databases are used for your application upgrade:

• Production

• Copy of Production

• New Release Demo (certified Upgrade Source Demo)

• Update Image


The Copy of Current Demo database used previously for upgrades on PeopleTools 8.54 is no longer needed for upgrades on PeopleTools 8.55.


Also included is the step-by-step description of the process to configure the Change Assistant to get ready for the Upgrade, using the Upgrade Change Package.


Also new:  creation of the RFU (required for upgrade) change package. 


For more information on the changes, see

Getting Started on Your PeopleSoft Upgrade Addendum (Doc ID 1963697.2).


PeopleBooks:  “Using Change Assistant for Software Upgrades” chapter of the PeopleTools 8.55: Change Assistant and Update Manager online help