Oracle Support Delivery Cloud (OSDC):  Changes Coming


Media Packs on the Oracle Support Delivery Cloud (OSDC) will, in the near future, separate the Application Media from the PeopleTools Media.

This will also be true for the Interaction Hub media.


If you are installing a new Application:


--You will need to search and locate the Application on OSDC


--You will need to search and locate the PeopleTools on OSDC


--if you also use the Interaction Hub product (previously called Portal Solutions) you will also need to search for and locate that media as well.




Search for PeopleSoft Enterprise Benefits Administration


The current results will show

1) the application Benefits Administration

2) PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.55

3) PeopleSoft Interacton Hub


but in the future, results for a search for PeopleSoft Enterprise Benefits Administration

will not include


  PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.55

  PeopleSoft Interacton Hub.


A separate search for both products will need to be done.


(The OSDC was formerly called Oracle E-Delivery.)


For more info, see E-INST Obtaining the PeopleSoft Enterprise Products and License Codes (Doc ID 1926981.1) and

Downloading PeopleSoft Software from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (Doc ID 2098595.1).