Setting up an Upgrade Job:  Application 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.55+



Separation of PeopleTools and Application Upgrades

In the past, Application-Only upgrades were available for those sites wishing to change the release of their Application but not the PeopleTools.  Another option available was a combined Application and PeopleTools upgrade.


Application Only Upgrades - the new normal

Starting with PeopleTools 8.55, Oracle will not be delivering templates combining an application plus PeopleTools upgrade.  We will deliver the Application-only upgrade template.

The PeopleTools upgrade will be delivered separately from the Application upgrade.


Change Assistant can generate jobs

PT 8.55 Change Assistant can generate a series of upgrade jobs:

--the first is the PeopleTools Upgrade


--the second part is the Application Upgrade.


Actually, three jobs can be generated.  The first would be the PeopleTools upgrade, the second the Required-for-upgrade patches (if selected), and third, the Application Only upgrade.


In order for this to happen, the PeopleTools Upgrade change package needs to be downloaded from MyOracle Support into the same directory where the application upgrade package is located.


The template jobs can be run sequentially so that it is virtually the same as an Application and PeopleTools Upgrade combined.  A huge benefit is the required-for-upgrade job that, if selected to be generated, will run after the PeopleTools upgrade and before the Application upgrade.


HCM, ELM, CRM, and Campus upgrades

These applications now have their upgrade templates delivered in PUM Update Images.

Upgrading customer sites will generate the Application Only Upgrade change packages from the  Update Images.   (Update Images shouldn't be confused with Upgrade Source Images.)


As of PeopleTools 8.55, the application upgrade template is delivered within the most current Update Image. You generate the template out of the most current Update Image since the upgrade template can only be downloaded as an upgrade package. You will define your upgrade packages in PUM, and create your upgrade template in Change Assistant, before starting the application upgrade.


While you need to generate your upgrade template from the most current update image, you can ONLY upgrade to the certified update image.



How to find the "certified update image"?  This is the defined upgrade to a specific update image:



   The highlighted tab shows the ELM application's latest certified update image, which is 9.2 PI12 for the 9.1 to 9.2 upgrade.



For more details on the steps to generate the upgrade package and template, see the video tutorial - PeopleSoft 9.2: Creating the PeopleSoft Change Package and Template.

This is posted to any of the Upgrade Home Pages below,  in section Upgrade Packages (Change Assistant templates):

     PeopleSoft HCM Upgrade Home Page,  (Doc ID 1959519.2)

     PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 2078564.2)

     PeopleSoft CRM Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 1961844.2)


     PeopleSoft ELM Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 1962959.2)



Including PeopleTools

If you wish to generate an Application and PeopleTools upgrade job, Change Assistant PT 8.55 can do this for you if the PeopleTools Upgrade change package has been downloaded from the PTools Upgrade Home Page on MyOracle Support, and placed into the same directory where the application upgrade template is placed.



    Example showing the PTools Change Package for upgrades to PT8.55 from PeopleTools 8.55 Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 2070772.1)



FSCM upgrades, the exception for now

As of now, the FSCM Upgrade Template has not yet been delivered in an Update Image.


In the FSCM 9.1 to 9.2 Image 11 upgrade,  upgrading sites will need to download the Application Only Upgrade template from the upgrade home page, PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 1963697.2).



   Only template available on the FSCM Upgrade Home Page 1963697.2 for upgrading to FSCM 9.2 / PT 8.55



We expect the FSCM upgrade template to be delivered in the Update Image as of FSCM 9.2 Image 19.