By Carla Graziani



You have searched for knowledge documents.


You have posted a thread in Your Community.


You have decided to create a service request.


How to create the SR that gets fast service, without a series of back and forth conversation notes?




The most commonly asked questions by a support analyst are:


--what is your full PeopleTools release (example:  PT 8.55.04)

--what is your application and release

--is this your Production, Development, Demo, QA, or Testing environment?


You can supply this right from the start.


Explain what are you doing, and what the question or issue is.


Bad example of an issue explanation:   Upgrading

Good example of an issue explanation:  I'm upgrading from HCM 9.1 to 9.2 PI 16 / PTools 8.55.03 and cannot

               figure out if I can use an Upgrade Source Image for this upgrade.




Is there a log file generated from the issue, that can be attached?




Is it possible to attach a screenshot of an error message?




How to identify the version of your downloaded PI?

Navigate to Main Menu > PeopleTools > Lifecycle Tools > Update Manager > About PeopleSoft Image.




For detailed information regarding applied bugs or patches, there is a new PeopleSoft Update Manager Dashboard available

as part of the latest PeopleSoft Update Images (PI).

After connecting to the PI through Change Assistant and uploading your environment information,

use the PUM Dashboard in the image to view useful analytics.


For details about determining what patches have been applied to a PeopleSoft environment, see the step-by-step illustrations in

E-PUM: PeopleSoft Update Manager ( PUM ) Analytics - How to Find out Which Image you are Current to (Doc ID 2116455.1).




Have you done research on the problem, perhaps reading knowledge documents on MyOracle Support?

If so, place this information in the service request:  what did you read, what have you tried, what were the results?

This should prevent the support analyst from suggesting a knowledge document that you have already read and tried...




Very few searches are done in the "BUG database".

Is this issue written up in a BUG? Why not check it?

Here's how


      Search sources.bmp



SEARCHING fine-tuning

PowerView  Product line:  PeopleSoft Enterprise

eliminates non-Psft results


Using Powerview.bmp




During the service request creation process, you may be prompted to attach a file, following the instructions in a Service Request Data Collection document (SRDC).


It's a good idea to do this! Afterwards, there's no need to place a note in the SR saying you have attached a file.