Learning about the Oracle Cloud


Oracle has announced that customers using PeopleSoft, e-Business Suite, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can run non-production workloads on the Oracle Compute Cloud Service. You have the ability to move existing Development, Test, Training, Demo and Conference Room Pilot environments to the Oracle Compute Cloud or use the Oracle Compute Cloud for an upcoming Oracle Applications Project.


Oracle customers who already own a license to PeopleSoft applications may use the Oracle Cloud to host instances of their licensed applications.


There are many scenarios where you might benefit from using Oracle’s Compute Cloud with your PeopleSoft applications:


Demo instances of the latest PeopleSoft application images (PUM Images) in order to explore the latest features and capabilities.


Test instances of YOUR PeopleSoft database.


Development and Testing environments,  accessed by your developers using Windows Remote Desktop.




Start here:  PeopleSoft Information Portal


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Navigate to Concepts > PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud


What's there?


--An extensive FAQ


--Video:  PeopleSoft Talk with Marc Weintraub:  PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud feature Jeff Robbins


--Sections on How You Can Use PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud:

  Demo, Development, and All Cloud


--Get Started section:  red papers


--Tutorial: Deploying PeopleSoft Applications on Oracle Compute Cloud Service Instances


--Step-by-step guides:  Migrate a PeopleSoft Installation to Oracle Compute Cloud Service


                        Performing a PeopleTools Patch Update on a PeopleSoft Environment Running in Oracle Cloud


                        Performing PeopleTools-Only Upgrade on PeopleSoft Environments Running in Oracle Cloud


                        and more.



Or, for (Choice 2)

Navigate to Concepts > PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture


for an overview and then Read the Full Story.