Is my Application supported with the newest PeopleTools release?


Many times a customer site will want to stay on their current application release, but upgrade the PeopleTools to the most current release available.

An example would be staying on FSCM 9.1 but upgrading to PeopleTools 8.55. 


Will the current application release be supported on the newest PeopleTools release?


An easy way to find this information is to follow the steps and screenshots in document  E-UPG: PT8.4x, PT 8.5x: What Versions of PeopleTools Will Your Application run on? (Doc ID 1915747.1).  MOS Certifications may not specifically say:  Yes, FSCM 9.1 is supported on PTools 8.55. But the certification notes will show: 


PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management 9.1 can be run on PeopleTools 8.50 or higher.


Other considerations: Platform releases


If you upgrade to PeopleTools 8.55, then you may need to modify the releases of other products in your environment. Perhaps this is what is triggering the upgrade to begin with.


The database release may need to be modified - for example,  upgrading to Oracle  This is one of 2 Oracle database releases currently supported for PT 8.55.   Would this release of Oracle work successfully with FSCM 9.1?   Note that it is the PeopleTools release that is tested and certified for use with the Rdbms release.  Yes, Oracle is certified with PeopleTools 8.55.


You would want to verify that all software components in your environment (Operating Systems, Databases, Desktop Applications, etc.).

would be certified with PT 8.55.   A good place to start would be the Tech Update - Main Page (Doc ID 764222.1), found on MyOracle Support. 

Here you can determine if a third party product has reached end-of-life in general, or is no longer supported as of a specific PeopleTools release, or is newly supported.   Examples would include Tech Update – Oracle Retires Support for Crystal Reports (Doc ID 1927865.1) or Oracle Certifies Microsoft Windows 10 for PeopleSoft (Doc ID 2161227.1).


Sustaining Support


The certification notes continue:


For application releases that are on Sustaining Support, see My Oracle Support (Doc ID 1348959.1) for important upgrade considerations.

This document is titled Lifetime Support Summary for PeopleSoft Releases.  See section PeopleTools Considerations for PeopleSoft Applications on Sustaining Support, which says:


PeopleSoft Application releases can be run on the PeopleTools version that the application initially shipped with, up through and including

the latest available PeopleTools release


What about the NEXT upgrade?


Running an application release on Sustaining Support, if upgraded to a newer PeopleTools release, will impact the next Application Upgrade that is attempted. The application upgrades are written for a specific Peopletools release.  This information is found on each Upgrade's Home Page, shown in the Upgrade Path Certification chart.


  If you upgrade past the PeopleTools release that such an upgrade was written for, and in the future,  attempt to upgrade with that combination of products, there will be additional tasks to be completed in order for the upgrade to run.  These are generally modifications to the upgrade templates.  Required changes are listed in Upgrade Editing Instructions in the Lifetime Support Summary for PeopleSoft Releases (Doc ID 1348959.1).