A search in MyOracle Support may not provide the most useful results, if the input libraries searched are incomplete.


Are you searching on an error or problem that might have been previously reported?  A problem that might be a known issue?

For best search results,  include the Bug database.





In the search above, the Knowledge Base, the MyOracle Support Communities, and the BUG database are selected as input libraries.  


Other useful optional input libraries are:


--The archive knowledge base

--Documentation (=PeopleBooks)



    searching in 3 libraries:  it is a known issue?


The search can be made more selective by entering Product, Release, and a date range of last update.


You can also do this by using the product line breadcrumbs that appear with each result. Just click on any one of the

breadcrumbs to filter the result set to show documents only for what you selected:




The more specific your search, the more likely that the search results would include the most useful items.

Or that the best results would appear near the top of the result list.  


In the example above, a  PowerView is utilized.  PowerViews can be used to narrow down a search to the Product Line.

They can be set for use as the default search setting.

PowerView in Use.bmp