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The PeopleTools Delta Change Package


What is it?


The Define Tools Delta Package component is a wizard used after a PeopleTools upgrade to create a Tools Delta Change Package that contains attributes or objects that were stripped away when the updates were applied to a previous release.


Who needs to create and apply it?


PeopleTools Upgrading sites who have applied Pum maintenance in the past, to their environment at its previous PeopleTools release.

This would apply to 9.2 applications.


How is the Delta Change Package created?


During a Change Package create, select Define Tools Delta Package, select From <full PeopleTools release> and To <full PeopleTools release>.

The change package will then be created -- note that it may contain additional bugs not yet applied to the target database.


For details, see PeopleBooks > PeopleTools > Change Assistant and Update Manager > Creating and Applying Object Delta Change Package.


What about application objects?


In the PeopleTools 8.55 upgrade documentation (posted to PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.55 Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 2070772.1)),

see task 4-10 Updating Application Objects. This chapter consists of wrap-up tasks, and applying the Tools Delta Package may be one of them as well as adding application objects.


The task instructions start out:  (asterisks are added for emphasis)


If a site has recently completed an application and PeopleTools upgrade, there **may be** additional fixes to be applied to your database to ensure compatibility of your application with the latest PeopleTools release.


This can mean application objects -- see document PeopleTools 8.55 Upgrade Impacts for PeopleSoft 9.2 Applications (Doc ID 2067985.1).

The PeopleTools Upgrade documentation also points to Creating and Applying Object Delta Change Package for PeopleTools, a section in the

Product documentation  for PeopleTools 8.55 > Change Assistant and Update Manager.  .  




Q:  We have just upgraded People Tools from 8.53.10 to 8.55.04.


       As part of the upgrade process, we are generating the Tools delta change package against our upgraded database.

      Why is there no object delta change package generated?


A:  From your situation description, because the images used in previous maintenance were based on PeopleTools 8.53,

      they would not contain 8.55 objects. So there would not have been any 8.55 objects removed when updates

      were applied to the target database. Since there were no objects removed, there would be no objects to add back after

      the target was upgraded to PeopleTools 8.55.


Q:  If the target environment is on PT 8.53, and updates have been applied from a PUM image created with PT 8.55, is that different?


A:  Yes. When using an image based on PT 8.55 to apply updates to a target based on 8.53, the PT 8.55 specific objects would have

      been stripped out when applying maintenance to 8.53.

      If then you upgraded the 8.53 environment to 8.55, then the "Generate Object delta package" would bring back those

      previously removed objects.


Q:  Would like to know why we need to create and apply a Tools Delta Change Package if we are upgrading from PT8.53.26 to PT8.55.07.

      Does this preserve the old Ptools objects? Does this have anything to do with our customization of Tools objects?


A:  If you have applied maintenance that was created using PT 8.54 or 8.55 then any objects or fixes that had 8.54 or 8.55

     as pre-requisites would not have been applied to your environment.


        1. For those bug fixes that have a hard requirement of a higher PeopleTools release the bug fix would not be applied at all,

             so if you did a “All Updates Not Applied” change package those would now be included.

        2. However, those that had a soft requirement (meaning they would be still applied but any 8.54 or 8.55 objects would be stripped out of

             the fix) would have been applied so if you did    a “All Updates Not Applied” change package those would not show up

             since they have already been applied. The Tools Delta Change Package brings back those 8.54 and 8.55 objects that were previously stripped out.


Example scenarios


Example 1

If your environment was on PT 8.54, and you have applied application patches from a PUM image created on PT 8.55. 

There may have been attributes of objects stripped away, meaning, removed from the package to be applied to the target.

This is because those objects are unique to PT 8.55 and would not have a table for storage in PT 8.54.


Later you upgrade to PT 8.55.

Part of the upgrade tasks is to go back and create the PTools Delta Change Package to see if there were items not applied at that time.

If there are objects in that package, then it can be applied.  Your environment would then no longer be missing those objects.


If there are additional instructions solely for <your application> at the new Tools release, those should be followed as well.


Example 2

Say you were on PT 8.53 and upgraded the PeopleTools to PT 8.55. 

During this upgrade, there are no objects removed and not applied.  The PTools upgrade is completed, it is a PTools Only Upgrade.

Later you go to apply maintenance from a PUM Image created on PT 8.55, applying this to the newly upgraded PT 8.55 environment.

There is no need to create the PTools Delta Upgrade Change Package at this point. 


Example 3

We are at tools 8.53, HCM 9.2 PUM 006 and want to upgrade to 8.55 PUM 018.

Do we have to upgrade to tools 8.55 first then update to Pum image 018?


No, but if you plan to do both, it would make more sense to do the PT 8.55 upgrade first.


Why:  If you don’t, then objects and bug fixes that have a PT 8.55 requirement would not be applied.

You would then have to create and apply a PTools Delta Change Package, in order to have all the PT 8.55 objects on your environment.


Clarification of terms


"Tools delta package" is a step that need to be accomplished  after the PeopleTools upgrade is completed.

This redelivers bugs you have already applied, in order to get the bits of objects that were stripped out on the initial apply,

due to a PeopleTools limitation.


"All updates not yet applied"  is maintenance that can be applied at any time. This can include tax updates or a wide variety of application updates, fixes, or new features. 


"PeopleTools Upgrade Change Package"  is different than the Delta Change Package discussed here.  The Upgrade Change Package contains the upgrade template

and upgrade documentation.


Note that applying the PeopleTools Upgrade Change Package is not needed if a site is using DPK-deployed PeopleTools on Windows or Linux. 


For further information


Refer to PeopleBooks Product documentation for PeopleTools 8.55: Change Assistant and Update Manager, Upgrading PeopleTools, Creating and Applying Tools Delta Packages.

A link to this PeopleBooks section can also be found on the MOS PUM Home Page (Doc ID 1641843.2) section Learning about PeopleSoft Update Manager / What

is PeopleSoft Update Manager / PUM Overview.

The release of PUM Image #19 has resolved many enhancement bugs and related Ideas that were logged by our customers in the MOS Community Idea Space.


Some of the new functionality, for instance, provides customers with a simplified method to setup country specific name formats. Some examples of the issues resolved by the Global Name Enhancement functionality include the ability to enter name for a person with a mononym (one word name) and the ability to configure a country specific name type for countries, like Brazil, that use 2 last names.


For more information on this enhancement, please see the PeopleBook:

Setting Up Personal Information Foundation Tables > Setting Up Additional Name Information


Global Name Enhancement

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For the full list PeopleSoft Update Manager HCM Image Content List, please access the homepage:

PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (Doc ID 1641843.2)

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