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2017 Maintenance Schedules for Release 9.1 are now available in the following document below. Plan your maintenance cycles using the 2017 schedules today!


PeopleSoft Enterprise FMS Maintenance Schedule for 2017 (Document 2210101.1)

PeopleSoft Enterprise SCM Maintenance Schedule for 2015, 2016,2017 (Document 1948816.1)


Happy Patching!

Campus Solutions Bundle 44 has been posted to My Oracle Support, and the corresponding Master Note for this bundle is also now available.


If you follow the link to the recently posted Campus Solutions CS 9 Bundle #44 - Master Note for Questions or Problems with Patchset 24299519 you will find a great deal of reference material and a long list of “no problems found” entries.  While we hope that we never find any problems to list in this document, you can alleviate a lot of headaches stemming from the application of this recently posted bundle by reviewing this master note during your planning phase.


The intention of a Master Note for a Campus Solutions Bundle is to provide you with information regarding problems or issues with the application of the bundle, including any functional issues that have been reported and believed to be the result of applying this bundle.  In the Master Note, you will find sections for:


  • General Information on documentation, policy and the contents of the bundle
  • Problems applying the bundle, which will be continuously updated for any issues reported to Support
  • Functional problems attributed to this bundle in any of the Campus Solutions products
  • For each bundle; Campus Solutions Product Information Center
  • Campus Solutions Master Bundle Index
  • Patchset’s Readme File or Download for detailed descriptions of all fixes contained in the bundle.

The PeopleSoft HCM Team delivered PUM Image #21 on Friday, January 20, 2017.


All video highlights PeopleSoft Images and PeopleTools releases can be viewed here:



There are two (2) new Guided Self Service transactions delivered in PUM Image #21:

• Request Leave of Absence

• Request Paid Leave of Absence


Please see PeopleBooks chapters on eProfile Desktop Manager for more information.

Link:  PeopleSoft eProfile Desktop Manager


Please see the PUM Image Homepage for information on downloading the newly released image and Image Contents Listing.

PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (Doc ID 1641843.2)


Customer can also reference the PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Update Image Documentation Homepage for information on new functionality delivered by Image across the HCM application modules.

PeopleSoft HCM 9.2: Update Image Documentation (Doc ID 1917096.2)

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