The Oracle Cloud and Trial (or Paid) Subscriptions


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You can obtain a Trial subscription to use the Oracle Cloud, for 30 days. 

A requirement is that your site is a PeopleSoft licensee.

If you are licensing PeopleSoft, you can choose to have a Trial subscription, or a Paid subscription, in addition to the licensing of PeopleSoft.


If you choose to have a Trial subscription, you can deploy and maintain any PeopleSoft application you have licensed, in the Oracle Cloud. 

These environments can be used for development, testing, or training.  Play around with it, install and use Cloud Manager, for a 30-day period.

These applications will remain available in the Cloud until you no longer subscribe to the Oracle Cloud.

The Cloud Services subscription (purchased or trial) would provide you with a Customer Support Identifier (CSI). This is separate from a license to use PeopleSoft. 

If you do not have a Cloud CSI, and want to temporarily obtain a Cloud account, you can get a 30-day Trial subscription.


The license for PeopleSoft applications is not the same as a license for Oracle Cloud services.  You would need to get Cloud subscription to create an environment

in the Cloud.  Once you have obtained a subscription to Oracle Cloud, no additional PeopleSoft application license or usage license is required.


For more information, see the  PeopleSoft Cloud FAQ

Also, review the following documentation:
PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud:

Where do I get the Cloud Subscription, trial or otherwise?

Please visit -

On the right hand side you will see a link to "Get a Trial or Subscription".