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Cloud Manager and Subscriptions


What is it

A respository subscription: think of this as a "Pum inbox"


In Cloud Manager, a repository subscription can enable you to have your own dedicated File Server in the Oracle Cloud.  This is where your PeopleSoft Pum Images (PIs), standalone patches (PRPs), and PeopleTools patches,  will be downloaded.  


Who does the downloading? 

Not you.  Cloud Manager will do this automatically when a new image is released or when a new PRP is made available for your products that you have 

created a Subscription Channel for, and then subscribed to that Subscription Channel.


Subscriptions page.bmp

                  Cloud Manager page showing subscribed channels


Examples of a Subscription Channel:   PeopleTools channel or HCM channel.

Cloud Manager can download previous  PeopleTools patch releases  for the Tools channel.

For Application channels, only the latest patches are downloaded.



How does that work, exactly

Cloud Manager has a process scheduler recurring job, that invokes download manager for all the subscribed release channels.  This runs once per week. It will make sure that latest updates for all the subscribed release channels are downloaded regularly  without any user interaction.


Repository Subscriptions.bmp

                 The Repository tile is delivered as part of the Cloud Manager home page


How to subscribe

To subscribe to a channel, click the Related Actions button corresponding to channel name.

If you select Subscribe option, Cloud Manager starts monitoring for any new PIs

or PRPs and downloads them from MOS.


How to un-subscribe

If you select the Unsubscribe option, Cloud Manager will no longer monitor/download latest PIs or PRPs. No downloads are performed.


Minimum release

Is there a requirement in order to use Cloud Manager?

The minimum application release is 9.2, used with a minimum of PeopleTools 8.55.11 


To learn more

  For more information, see Chapter 3 of Cloud PeopleBooks.

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