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New in PT 8.56 and the PT 8.56 Tools Upgrade


No PTools patching:  the full codeline is delivered containing the PeopleTools patch

Here’s an example – PT 8.56.01 the full codeline contains the 01 patch. Each subsequent PTools patch

will be delivered with a full codeline.

Where is the patch change package?  See PS_HOME\PTP.


Elasticsearch is the supported search tool with PT 8.56.   SES/Verity is not supported with this release.

A pre-upgrade manual task will remove the SES indexed data from the SES server.


Upgrade efficiencies:

A two-stage copy will help streamline the upgrade.  The records, fields, and indexes will be copied first,

then the records are built, and then the remaining object types are copied.

Data mover scripts will be ‘optimized’.  For similar scripts run with the same id, they will be auto-consolidated into a single nested script.


There will be a delivered Linux CA client, but not supported for use with the PT 8.56.01 upgrade.


There is no delivered PeopleTools System database with PT 8.56, and no upgrade for the PeopleTools System database to PT 8.56.


Translations for the upgrade will be delivered in PTxx.dms scripts, instead of through a PTTLSML project.


New features overview See the PeopleTools 8.56 New Features Overview (Doc id 2267247.1)

               New Features were previously called Release Notes


Application upgrade template changes? Can you take the current upgrade templates and use them for an application and Ptools upgrade to PT 8.56?

This is not a supported method.  Instead, use the current upgrade templates and upgrade to PT 8.55, then do the PTools upgrade to 8.56. 

Future upgrades to higher Image versions may utilize the new PTools release.


Will there be certification changes?  Check MOS / Certifications.  Many existing ‘planned’ certifications may be reposted with PT 8.56.01 GA.  


Finding upgrade materials:

The Upgrade documentation is posted on the PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.56 Upgrade Home Page, (Doc id 2270700.1).

A revised version of the Getting Started on your PeopleTools Upgrade doc, plus the Upgrade Change Package, is also on 2270700.1.


Finding the codeline:

The VCDs for PT 8.56.01 are posted to the Software Delivery Cloud site, previously called e-delivery.  

               The DPKs are posted to the PeopleSoft PeopleTools Patches Home Page (Doc ID 2062712.2)

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