The HCM 9.1 to 9.2 PI 24 upgrade is now available.

This upgrade was written for upgrading the HCM application to 9.2 PI24 on the PeopleTools release PT 8.56.03+.   


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In the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 1959519.2), see the tab at the top for this new upgrade.

Located there are the materials for this upgrade: 


    upgrade path certification chart

    demo-to-demo compare reports

    upgrade documentation in pdf and html formats

    and more.


Also on this page is the link to a renamed Getting Started on Your PeopleSoft Application Upgrade document, dated October 2017.



Where are the Upgrade Source Images?

Yes, a new Upgrade Source Image for the upgrade 9.1 to 9.2 PI 24 is available, posted to the HCM Upgrade Home Page tab HCM Upgrade Source Images.

This Source Image is HCM 9.2.003.


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The Upgrade Source Images for all PeopleSoft product pillars were previously posted to the

PeopleSoft Upgrade Source Images Home Page (Doc ID 1552580.1) but in the future will be available on their specific product's Upgrade Home Page. 


We suggest a thorough review of all sections of the Upgrade Source Images tab.  Topics covered there include Languages, Unicode, the certified Upgrade Path and details, Hardware/Software requirements, and a variety of useful links to needed documentation.   For an overview of the steps needed to use the Upgrade Source Images, see (the document linked there) titled Using Upgrade Source Images for PeopleSoft Application Upgrades.



Will the VCDs for HCM 9.2 PI 24 be available soon on the Oracle Support Delivery Home Page (previously e-delivery)?

No.  To learn more, read the new Tech Update - PeopleSoft Application DPKs Replace VCD Installation with PeopleTools 8.56 (Doc ID 2291199.1).


Just to review

The latest PUM "PI" Image 24 will be needed in order to create the Upgrade Change Package, which contains the upgrade job template. The PI is also needed to generate the required-for-upgrade patches project.  


Really important

When using the HCM Update Image 24, and until the future Update Image 25 is generally available, you will have to first apply the PRP 26969666 to the PI 24, to be able to generate the upgrade template.  The PRP is to be applied to the PI 24, not the to Upgrade Source Image.  Refer to the note on the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 1959519.2), section Upgrade Packages (Change Assistant templates).


The Upgrade Source Image is used to setup the Upgrade Source environment.  The RFU project is applied to the Upgrade Source environment.

Even if your upgrade is using the Upgrade Source image 003, which is HCM 9.2 PI 24, you will still need the PI Image 24 in order to obtain the most recent RFUs and the Upgrade Change Package, which contains the upgrade template and html documentation.  A PRP, 26969666 , should first be applied to the PI Image 24 to obtain the upgrade template.