Creating a PeopleSoft Non-Technical Service Request



What is the difference between a Technical and a Non-Technical Service Request?


Technical Service Requests


--You are installing the PeopleSoft product and run into an error.

--You wish to apply a Tax Update but cannot find the Update on MyOracle Support (MOS).

--You are looking for non-current upgrade materials on MOS.

--A Cobol program does not compile, but instead, gives off errors.

--The process scheduler (or application server or web server) does not boot up.


For all of the above, you need to work with a support analyst to debug these issues.

You may need to provide logs, screenshots, or trace files.


Non-Technical Service Requests


--When you want to request software that you cannot locate in your application's Update Home Page or on the PeopleTools and Patches home page, or in e-delivery (Oracle's Support Delivery Cloud).


How to create a non-technical service request? 

In MyOracle Support, select the Service Requests tab.

See section labeled Contact Us Service Requests.




Click on Create "Contact Us" SR.

Fill in the Problem Summary with appropriate information.


For Problem Type, select from the drop down:

   Software and OS Media Requests

Then choose what is appropriate:

   electronic download Software and OS Media Request

   exception physical Software and OS Media Request


You will also need to enter your Support Identifier.

Click "next" and review materials presented to you, and "next" again to create the service request. 

The service request will be routed to a specialist who can advise you in obtaining the materials requested.