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ADVISOR WEBCAST: PeopleSoft - Embracing the Oracle Cloud to be held on March 27, 2018


This one-hour advisor webcast is recommended for any PeopleSoft Customer or Partner who is considering to move a PeopleSoft environment from an On-Premise setup to the Cloud.


Topics Include:

  • The Benefits of the Cloud without leaving PeopleSoft
  • Cloud Manager
  • Lift and Shift
  • Common Questions
  • Roadmap


Register now by going to Document 2361877.1.

The FMS and SCM bundles for release 9.1 are not available and posted to My Oracle Support. Below are links to the patches. Download them today to get the latest fixes.


FMS FINANCIALS BUNDLE #42 - Patch 26924458

FMS ESA BUNDLE #42 - Patch 26924496

SCM BUNDLE #42 - Patch 25403911

Get all the information you need on the changes for India Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the new PeopleSoft Financials India Goods and Services Tax (GST) Home PageDocument 2221085.2.  In the GST Home Page you will get information on how to approach your GST  implementation, planned features and enhancements, list of patches, FAQ’s, roadmaps and other pertinent GST information for your FSCM applications.

2017 Maintenance Schedules for Release 9.1 are now available in the following document below. Plan your maintenance cycles using the 2017 schedules today!


PeopleSoft Enterprise FMS Maintenance Schedule for 2017 (Document 2210101.1)

PeopleSoft Enterprise SCM Maintenance Schedule for 2015, 2016,2017 (Document 1948816.1)


Happy Patching!

On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom (UK) held a referendum and made the decision to leave the European Union (EU). However, the referendum itself was advisory, rather than legally binding. To trigger an exit from the EU, the UK government needs to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, the EU legislation governing a potential breakup. Read more about this and what you need to do to prepare your FSCM application in Document 2155122.1 (Updating PeopleSoft FSCM for United Kingdom exit of the European Union).

Release Notes, also known as Update Image Contents List are still located in the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (Document 1641843.2) under the "PeopleSoft Update Image Home Pages" tab. The Release Notes could be missed because we have moved them under the “VirtualBox” and “Native OS” sections which are under the "Update Image Link" widget, see screenshot below.  Here is this section you will also see the latest available Image for your product family and other important information on the Image.





Happy Patching!

The FMS 2016 Maintenance Schedule for 9.1 FMS Bundles is now available in Document 2107867. It contains the schedule for FMS, ESA and Global Component bundles for release 9.1. FMS 9.1 bundles will be delivered about every three months starting with FMS and ESA Bundle #37 which posted February 5th.


Happy Patching!

The SCM Maintenance Schedule for 9.1 SCM Bundles is now available. The schedule for 2016 is within Document 1948816.1. SCM 9.1 Bundles will be delivered about every three months starting with SCM Bundle #37 in February.


Happy Patching!


Marc Weintraub, Product Strategy Senior Director, recaps Oracle Open World 2015 from

a PeopleSoft perspective. The overall consensus for PeopleSoft at Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2015 is extremely positive! Read Marc’s blog here.

Have you visited Oracle's PeopleSoft Learning Stream within Oracle University lately? We have added several new learning videos for the Purchasing, eProcurement and Inventory products.


Below is a list of all the new training videos. Don't miss out and visit the Oracle University website to see these videos to learn more about the products. 



Purchasing, eProcurement, Payable and Asset Management Interface

Receiving and Inventory Item not on a Purchase Order

eProcurement Casual Receipt for an Asset Item

Clear Requisition Information from Purchase Order Line Distribution

Sourcing Purchasing Requisition to Inventory MSR's and/or Purchase Orders

Cancelling a Inventory Material Stock Request generated from a Purchasing Requisition

Receipt Allocation Type

Sourcing eProcurement Requisitions to Inventory Material Stock Requests and/or Purchase Orders

Requisition Loader and Requisition Loader Defaults

Change the Price on a Non-Purchase Order Receipt



eProcurement Casual Receipt for an Inventory Item

Requisition Workflow



Inventory Storage Containers

Inventory Pegging

PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Navigation Standards contain information about using key PeopleSoft functionality to create highly usable, efficient, and productive experiences for Oracle customers. See Document 2063602.1 for more details and the Fluid User Interface white paper.

Fluid UI.png

Upgrade Task.png

In FSCM 9.2 database the EOAW_COMMENT Application Engine can be used to migrate the approval comments in the XREF tables delivered with the Comment Redesign feature into the new tables EOAW_COMMENTS and EOAW_HIS_COMM.  To migrate the comments follow the instructions in Document 2060222.1.

Further FSCM upgrade documentation can be found the “Upgrade Start Here Information Center” (Document 1587686.2).

Did you know that you can click on the “Help” link within your application pages and have it open PeopleBooks topics related to the specific page you have open?  As an example, in the screen shot below the Schedule page under Maintain Requisition component in the Purchasing application is open, by clicking on the “Help” link the system will open a new page and display all related PeopleBooks topics for the page. You can then click on the PeopleBooks link for the area of interest and learn more about the features provided in this page/area. This is a great feature to have as it allows you to quickly access product information within PeopleBooks and saving you time searching for your answers!
Help PeopleBooks.bmp

The PeopleBooks Help link is not only available for PeopleSoft applications, you can also use it in Application Designer. Setting up PeopleBooks Context-Sensitive Help is easy and only takes a few minutes. More information about this feature and how to set it up is in Document 1390571.1 (Information on Oracle Hosted PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleBooks).





The EPM 9.1 Media Pack, including IBM Information Server DataStage 8.5 FP1, is no longer available for download on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC), formally known as eDelivery. You can request the EPM 9.1 Media Pack through a Service Request, see details on how to log the Service Request in Document 1071023.1 (How to Request Software When Unable to Access or Software is Unavailable on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud).

Maybe you have seen the show “Shark Tank” where entrepreneurs present their ideas and the best ideas are recognized and rewarded. PeopleSoft meets Shark Tank at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. Read more about this special event in the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy blog and what you need to know to participate in the PeopleSoft Meets Shark Tank-Pitch What You Want to See in PeopleSoft” event.

Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community! We highly encourage you to personalize your community display name to make your activity more memorable. Please see for instructions.