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The PeopleSoft HCM Team delivered PUM Image #21 on Friday, January 20, 2017.


All video highlights PeopleSoft Images and PeopleTools releases can be viewed here:



There are two (2) new Guided Self Service transactions delivered in PUM Image #21:

• Request Leave of Absence

• Request Paid Leave of Absence


Please see PeopleBooks chapters on eProfile Desktop Manager for more information.

Link:  PeopleSoft eProfile Desktop Manager


Please see the PUM Image Homepage for information on downloading the newly released image and Image Contents Listing.

PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (Doc ID 1641843.2)


Customer can also reference the PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Update Image Documentation Homepage for information on new functionality delivered by Image across the HCM application modules.

PeopleSoft HCM 9.2: Update Image Documentation (Doc ID 1917096.2)

As many customers are aware, the PeopleSoft HCM Team delivered PUM Image #20 earlier this month (December 9, 2016). 


The video highlights can for the image release be seen here:


One of the key enhancements delivered in Image #20 is the Fluid Approvals functionality.


Per prior announcements in the Community, customers should be aware of following key changes:

  • PeopleSoft is replacing Fluid Approvals using Mobile Application Platform technology with new Fluid Approvals using Enterprise Components – Fluid Approvals technology. 
  • Software modifications were done to enable Fluid Approval for existing approval transactions in HR product.
  • As each of these new Fluid Approvals is released, it will replace the current Fluid Approval.
  • PeopleTools 8.54.27 and higher OR PeopleTools 8.55.10 and higher is the minimum tools requirement.
  • By June 2017, the Fluid Approvals using MAP technology will no longer be supported by Oracle.
    • MAP technology from PeopleTools is still supported, only Fluid Approvals using MAP technology will no longer be supported.


Customers can review the following Knowledge Articles for more information:

  • PeopleSoft Fluid Approvals Installation Documentation (Doc ID 2166359.1)
  • Fluid (HCM): Frequently Asked Questions on New Fluid Approvals (Doc ID 2201476.1)
  • EOPC: Frequently Asked Questions on New Page Composer Fluid Approvals (Doc ID 2197974.1)
  • E-AWE: After Implementing FSCM PUM 020 on PT 8.53, Getting Error Opening Approval Process (Doc ID 2192968.1)


An Advisor Webcast is scheduled to discuss this topic: 


  • Tuesday , January 24, 2017 01:00 PM (US Pacific Time)
  • Tuesday , January 24, 2017 04:00 PM (US Eastern Time)
  • Tuesday , January 24, 2017 10:00 PM (Central European Time)
  • Wednesday, January 25, 2017 02:30 AM (India Standard Time)


To Register for this Advisor Webcast:

The release of PUM Image #19 has resolved many enhancement bugs and related Ideas that were logged by our customers in the MOS Community Idea Space.


Some of the new functionality, for instance, provides customers with a simplified method to setup country specific name formats. Some examples of the issues resolved by the Global Name Enhancement functionality include the ability to enter name for a person with a mononym (one word name) and the ability to configure a country specific name type for countries, like Brazil, that use 2 last names.


For more information on this enhancement, please see the PeopleBook:

Setting Up Personal Information Foundation Tables > Setting Up Additional Name Information


Global Name Enhancement

Bug ID/ Patch ID List


















For the full list PeopleSoft Update Manager HCM Image Content List, please access the homepage:

PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (Doc ID 1641843.2)

Although many of you are familiar with PeopleSoft HCM’s mobile recruiting solution, the delivery of FLUID Candidate Gateway bears repeating.  The highly sought after FLUID Mobile Candidate Gateway functionality was released as an enhancement to Recruiting Solutions in PUM Image #18.  The new functionality allows customers to implement a mobile solution for applicants to search for open jobs, create their applicant profile, and submit applications for internal and external job postings.  A full list of patch numbers for use with Selective Adoption can be found in the PeopleSoft Update Manager Homepage Content List.  An easy way to locate these is to filter by the image number (9.2.018) and the product (PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM Candidate Gateway).


In PUM Image #19, the newest feature delivered for Recruiting Solutions is the Applicant Diversity Pagelet and Pivot Grid. This feature delivers a mechanism that organizations can use to assist in evaluating recruitment practices and compliance with diversity programs, like affirmative action and equal opportunity employment.  The pagelet is available on the Recruiting Homepage and the pivot grid allows users to select different diversity types then filter by business unit, location, job code, recruiter, and much more.


For more information on this enhancement, please see the PeopleBook “Using Diversity Analytics”:


The patch for the Diversity Pagelet and Pivot Grid feature:



For the full list PeopleSoft Update Manager HCM Image Content List, please access the homepage:

PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (Doc ID 1641843.2)

The PeopleSoft HCM Team is excited to announce the early release of PUM Image #19. 


The video highlights for PUM Image #19 can be seen here:


A popular enhancement request was delivered as a part of this image release to displays Vacant Positions within the FLUID My Team tile. 

The KM Article below details the patch number and an attachment on how to enable this functionality in your instance:

FLUID "My Team" Tile Does Not Show Vacant Positions (Doc ID 2133135.1)


There have been updates released from the Core HR Strategy Team on PeopleSoft’s plans and targeted releases for the following Legislative & Regulatory Requirement changes:

  1. New Form I-9
    1. UPDATED: Form I-9 (OMB No. 1615-0047) Expires On 3/31/2016 (Doc ID 2119948.1)
  2. EEO-1 Reporting Enhancements
    1. EEO1: EEOC Releases Proposed Rule To Collect Pay Data From Employers (Doc ID 2102782.1)


The Core HR Strategy Team is aware of both changes and the priority for delivery is based on the required implementation dates from each regulatory agency (USCIS & EEOC).  Currently the priority is to deliver the new Form I-9, then the changes to the EEO-1 Report.   

For more information and the full updates, please review the Knowledge Article for each topic.


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