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Deadline for ACA reporting is June 30.  Will you be ready?    Keep up to date with the latest news from PeopleSoft on our ACA Information Center, Note 2013421.1.


We have posted patches for the 1094-C & 1095-C Correction and Replacement Process.  See Note 1919696.1 for links to the patches for your release and the following for documentation on the new processes:


  • Document 2145692.1: U.S. Affordable Care Act - Forms 1094-C / 1095-C Correction and Replacement Process
  • Document 2146108.1: U.S. Affordable Care Act – Sample Scenarios for ACA Forms 1094-C/1095-C Transmission, Correction and Replacement


Join Kristen Emery from HCM Product Strategy for an ACA Roundtable on June 16, 2016.  Get details here:  ACA Roundtable Call on 06/16/16


IRS Information on Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIR) Program can be found here.



Come to Support Central and join us for OHUG Jeopardy.  Show off your knowledge of MOS, OHUG, and our MOS Communities and win great prizes.  We'll be playing at 10:15 and 3:15.

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Today is SIG/RUG day at OHUG.  Opening reception is this evening.  See you at Support Central starting tomorrow.  Come play OHUG Jeopardy with us!



The PeopleSoft Affordable Care Act Information Center is live!!  Bookmark Note 2013421.1 as your one-stop shop for all of our ACA documentation.  We have both a Hot Topics and Resources page available for you, providing links to our Position Papers, links to all of our delivered enhancements and corresponding documentation, as well as FAQs, Use Cases, ACA Component Interface setup instructions, and links to our upcoming and recorded webcasts.


We want to hear your feedback on this Info Center.  Let us know what you like, what's needed, and how we can improve.

Customers on releases 9.2, 9.1, and 9.0, who will be testing state withholding calculations after Tax Update 15-B should notice a change in the aggregate calculation of residence state withholding tax on supplemental wages paid to an employee for work performed in a state other than the employee’s residence state, under a specific set of conditions.


This issue has been tracked on Bug 17382133.  Be sure and check the examples on Note 1990074.1 for complete details on the upcoming changes.

As a result of changes to our HCM update schedule, there will only be five Payroll for North America Tax Updates in 2015.  For the current target dates for these postings, see Note 1937662.1.


Tax Update 15-C is targeted for mid-July.  We are anticipating that there will be some tax rate changes necessary prior to that date.  Our development team will post standalone updates for any required tax changes effective July 1, 2015 before Tax Update 15-C is posted.  Bookmark our Hot Topics Document, Note 1348833.1 for the latest information upcoming postings.

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Are you ready for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act?


We've recently delivered enhancements to our HRMS and Base Benefits modules to deliver new fields, records, views, PeopleCode, and scripts to accommodate the additional requirements for tracking an employee's ACA Eligibility Status. Links to recent patches, along with information on previously posted enhancements for HRMS, Base Benefits, and Benefits Administration can be found on Document 1919696.1.


We have also deivered a new ACA Component Interface for customers who need to load transaction data from third-party benefits providers.  The component interface simplifies the process of loading your data and performs the required validations during the process.


Join us March 25 for our latest Advisor Webcast on PeopleSoft HCM Updates for the Affordable Care Act.  We will discuss the recently delivered benefits functionality for Employer Shared Responsibility, new functionality anticipated for Time & Labor, and forms 1094-C and 1095-C.  See Document 1456265.1 for schedule and registration.


For complete information on planned functionality and delivered enhancements, as well as PeopleSoft's Position Statement on the Affordable Care Act, see Document 1080659.1.

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