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Dear all,


We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our new Primavera Blog. This blog replaces our quarterly support newsletter (KM Doc ID 1280192.1).


We will be reporting out key information within our blogs that will contain information, tips and helpful resources that we would like to share with you all.


We are very excited about this new venture and opportunity to share our knowledge with you.


Kind Regards,

Oracle Primavera Support

We have kicked off Advisor webcasts with completing most recently the Unifier Tips and Tricks webcast. We feel having this opportunity to share our knowledge with you and providing an insight into available resources is invaluable. We are constantly reviewing what topics we should feature in future webcasts but we would also like to hear your ideas and thoughts on what you would like to see as future topic.  Please share your thoughts via the My Oracle Support Primavera Community homepage and provide your feedback using the following link:-  Primavera – PRIM


Please take a moment to review and listen to any of our archived webcasts. For details on upcoming Advisor Webcasts and archived recordings, see Doc ID 740966.1, Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived Recordings.

We are pleased to announce that on the 31st of March we launched our new Primavera P6 My Oracle Support Level 2 Accreditation which delivers a guided learning path to Oracle Customers to validate and refresh your current working knowledge prior to taking the Accreditation Exam. This program focuses on following the P6 learning path to deepen your understanding of supporting Primavera EPPM P6 Products. Learn the essentials of install, upgrade, and maintenance planning. Increase your awareness of resources and diagnostic tools. This accreditation will provide the knowledge foundation required to build, administer, and troubleshoot solutions. It will also help you find solutions and answers more quickly in My Oracle Support.


If you would like to understand more about our accreditation program. Please take a look at our knowledge base article - My Oracle Support Accreditation Series - Oracle Primavera (Doc ID 1985617.1) and if you have any questions whilst completing or once you have completed the program please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the My Oracle Support Community Accreditation homepage. The link is:- My Oracle Support Accreditation Community

As of the most recent upgrade to My Oracle Support Community, there is now an available feature that allows for the capture and display of Enhancement Requests (or Ideas) from within the existing product support communities.  This allows for a new way to capture customers' ideas on how Oracle Primavera Applications can be expanded or improved.  The Primavera Strategy team will now use the My Oracle Support Community as a collaboration and engagement tool to better understand business requirements and challenges, processes, industry requirements, and product limitations as they impact the larger customer base.


The Primavera – PRIM and Unifier – PRIM communities will have the ability to capture, collaborate, and vote on ideas to expand and improve the Primavera products. All Primavera product enhancements will be captured in the Primavera – PRIM community, with the exception of Unifier product enhancements, which will be captured in the Unifier – PRIM community.


Learn more by visiting our knowledge base and take a look at the article - Oracle Primavera Product Enhancement Request to My Oracle Support Community FAQ (Doc ID 1995605.1)

My Oracle Support offers an ocean full of information. We would like to bring your attention to our Product Information Centers. Inside each information center is access to key product information, handy hints and technical guidance techniques. I would like to share with you links to access our Product information Centers. The links are:-


Stay up to date on the most recent activity in the My Oracle Support Community by setting your preferences for email notifications. You can receive emails notifying you of recent community activity and even get notified of new activity on a specific thread. Watch the My Oracle Support Community Video on How to complete your profile setup. (Doc ID 1614358.1).

My Oracle Support now offers a chat feature that enables Oracle Support engineers to contact you instantly online to discuss an open Service Request (SR). Oracle Support engineers may use this feature on an open SR to provide a status update, ask clarifying questions, share detailed commands and troubleshooting information, or confirm your issue is resolved. This feature is available to all My Oracle Support Customer Portal users and is another step towards leveraging preferred social technologies in our Support solutions. For more details on this new feature and to learn how to participate in Support Engineer Initiated Chat, refer to KM Document 1643038.1 How to Use Oracle Support Initiated Chat.

We are excited to share a complete patching strategy for Primavera products. This strategy includes general best practices for developing and implementing a patching strategy in your environment. Both planned and emergency patching strategies are discussed, including new terminology for service packs and fixpack.

  • Patch Set is an Oracle term for a Service Pack. It is NOT an upgrade. A Patch Set only contains defect fixes. There are no schema changes or new features.
  • Interim Patch is an Oracle term for a Fixpack. Interim Patches will only be done on the latest Patch Set.

For more details, refer to KM Document 1683019.1 Primavera Patching & Maintenance Advisor.

Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community! We highly encourage you to personalize your community display name to make your activity more memorable. Please see for instructions.