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Dear All,


We are pleased to be able to provide you with news regarding our upcoming Primavera Version 15 release 2. In particular, changes to 64-bit P6 Professional.


We have re-designed P6 Professional as a 64 bit Windows application. The new and improved P6 Professional will improve performance and allows for increased scalability when adding memory to the client machine.


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Dear all,


Join Oracle for this exclusive customer briefing and learn all about Primavera's latest solutions directly from Oracle's executive team. You can also take this opportunity to talk about how we can assist you with Cloud migrations and/or updates. Not only that, you can learn more about the benefits of moving to the Cloud as well as discover more about P6, Unifier and Prime.

The scheduled dates are listed below. Each date provides further details about this special event and registration steps :-


Many thanks.

Dear all,


Have you every experienced the following when running the to upgrade a P6 EPPM database from R8.2.3.0 to R15.1.0, after entering in the connection information and selecting next and it goes right to the finish screen without running any of the upgrade scripts.

If so, please take a look at the link below. This will provide you with the steps you need to take to address this, as well as the root cause.

The required link is -


Kind Regards.

Hi all,


We would like to share with you our hot topics. Each topic feature knowledge articles that we want to highlight to all our customers. Each hot topic will detail specific areas related to our products and steps for you to follow..

Today's hot topic is - Error: " <path to file>/Orig##.xml (No such file or directory)" When Trying To Export Any Project From P6 Web Access. This article will take through the steps to address error.

To learn more about how to address this error, please use the following link:-

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