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Hi all,


Ever find yourself up at night wondering what new features have been added to P6 since Version 7.0? Or what's the difference between Versions 8.1 and 8.4? Or what has been added to 15.x?


We have a tool for that! In addition to checking out the What's New documentation for each respective P6 version (Documentation libraries can be found on our Oracle Technology Network website), Our Cumulative Feature Tool will allow you to compare different versions of P6 and see what new features have been added. In addition to the latest bug fixes, the later versions will also have the newest features available.


Hope this helps!


Hi all,


The latest Community update brought us two new features:


Tabbed Community Information Centers:


The new Tabbed Information Center at the top of the community page (outlined in blue above) provides a cleaner view of content available and is more consistent with the layout of our Information Centers within our Knowledgebase.  The screenshot above is from the Primavera (MOSC) community.  Note: The tab names/content may vary by community. 


'Give Feedback' Link:


The new ‘Give Feedback’ Link (outlined in red above) is located to the right of the new Tabbed Community Information Center and opens a survey (shown above). Use this link to give feedback on a particular Community to let us know what we can improve or to provide any other comments you may have.




Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community! We highly encourage you to personalize your community display name to make your activity more memorable. Please see for instructions.