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When a new version or patch set or interim fix is made available for Oracle Primavera products, a corresponding Announcement knowledge document is created to document and announce this. Did you know there is an easy way to locate the latest Announcements and therefore latest releases?


Located in the Primavera (MOSC) Community's Information Center, there is an Announcement tab which will display the latest Announcement documents across all Primavera products:



Check here for a quick means of finding the latest Announcement documents created in our Knowledgebase.


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Hi all,


Oracle announced in January 2016 that the Java browser plugin (which applets leverage) is being deprecated in Java 9, scheduled for a fall of 2016 release. Java 9 will still allow the plugin to be installed just like Java 8, however the deprecated plugin technology will be removed from a future Java release.


So what does this mean for P6 EPPM users? Starting with P6 EPPM r15, alternate technology (HTML5) has been implemented for many applets in the P6 user interface (UI) and will continue until the P6 UI is no longer Java dependent (where all applets are converted to HTML5); This will occur prior to an upcoming release of Java where the deprecated plugin technology is removed. Since you are using a release of P6 EPPM which requires Java plugin support to load applets, you should remain on Java 9 (when released) or lower versions which have been tested with P6 EPPM.


As a result, please keep an eye on the Tested Configurations for the version of P6 you are running and ensure you are using a tested JRE version. You can find the Tested Configurations via the Oracle Technology Network within the documentation for your respective release.


Also, check out the following Knowledge document as it will be updated periodically with new information: Java 9 Support With Primavera P6 EPPM (Doc ID 2125099.1)




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