Hi all,


We are excited to announce the availability of monthly product releases that will enhance the functionality of our Cloud products. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features.


Oracle Prime v17.2

New features and enhancements are packed into the Prime v17.2 release to improve the efficiency and productivity for the following users:

  • Project schedulers
  • Resource managers will be able to analyze role and resource availability across multiple projects utilizing enhanced grouping and rollup capabilities.
  • Project managers
  • Prime IOS users


Primavera P6 EPPM v17.2

P6 EPPM v17.2 takes a great leap forward in reducing the need for Java applets. We continue to improve the main P6 views with Resource Assignment multiple view support and EPS view Global Search & Replace. Project Managers can now locate all of their timesheets and Team Member status updates in one consolidated Approval Area. P6 Mobile Android users will be happy to find offline capabilities in the latest mobile release.  


Primavera Submittal Exchange v17.2

This enhancement aligns the three Submittal Exchange cloud environments into one consolidated code set. Customers in each cloud environment now have access to the new Primavera Submittal Exchange user interface. For users accessing Submittal Exchange from Azure, this update also provides an updated upload feature, the latest versions of PDF tools, a more robust Project Wizard and a photo gallery feature.


Primavera Unifier v17.2

User experience improvements continue with task logs and business process logs.  Additionally, customers can now:

  • Customize the Request For Bid email invitations:
  • Handle simultaneous transactions at the project level: Instead of locking the SOV so that only one deduct change order or payment application can be in progress at a time, Unifier will alert the user on the payment application of any other in flight transactions.
  • Copy data from the business project record to the document metadata: To be used when a document is published to the document manager eliminating duplicate work for the user.


Primavera Analytics v17.2

For greater in-depth analysis, customers can now map up to 900 BP record data elements + 900 BP line item data elements in any combination of text, dates, or numbers from Primavera Unifier into Primavera Analytics.


Primavera Gateway v17.2

We continue to make changes to the “look and feel” of the Primavera Gateway user interface to align with the rest of the CEGBU product suite.  Primavera Gateway v17.2 simplifies the process of creating and adjusting integration configuration data to make the data configuration management experience easier, more intuitive and user-friendly.


Textura Payment Management (TPM) v17.2

Clients can learn about new features, important system messages, or statuses as they are using TPM.  Instead of cluttering email boxes, TPM users will receive all announcement notifications in the top right corner of the application.