Hi all,


We are excited to announce the availability of monthly product releases that will enhance the functionality of our Cloud products. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features.


Oracle Prime v17.3

With the 17.3 release of Prime, project managers and cost engineers will be able to efficiently track all cost transactions under a project. Project managers and supervisors will be able analyze and share project progress information more effectively with additional task related data.  V17.3 allows us to promote new features by highlighting What’s New video content.


Primavera P6 EPPM v17.3

Exciting changes have arrived in P6 EPPM version 17.3.  Applets can now be a thing of the past in v17.3!  A new option will allow organizations greater control over their P6 environment.  We continue to enhance the user experience with new HTML5 views and an Administration area for easier navigation.  Our cloud customers will appreciate a streamlined check in/out process to facilitate working in a local database.  Long-time customers will be pleased to find that project codes can now be displayed in the Activity View in P6 Web.


Primavera Submittal Exchange v17.3

Primavera Submittal Exchange v17.3 includes a variety of small enhancements and bug fixes. As more clients are using drones on the construction site, we have enhanced the design posting only log to also support videos so they are able to store those videos and reference them with their other project documents.


Primavera Unifier v17.3

Primavera Unifier 17.3 continues the modernization of the user interface and user experience within the task, business process, master logs and the top navigation. In addition, the action in the business process records will now default if there is only one action and any pre-assigned assignees will be added. Also, the completion of the removal of the SOV restrictions added in 17.2 by now adding support for web services, bulk action and action via email. Customers will also now be able to define integration for Text Type business processes and be able to group lines from a Lease Type business process when creating invoices.


Primavera Analytics v17.3

Primavera Analytics 17.3 introduces new options for capturing activity and resource assignment-level history from P6. Users can now configure any given project to capture history for activities and resource assignments at weekly or monthly intervals (in addition to the current daily option). This provides greater flexibility and ease-of-use allowing customers to capture historical data the way they want. Selecting weekly or monthly history capture for activities and resource assignments will also improve ETL performance and reduce database growth when compared to daily history capture.


Primavera Gateway v17.3

Primavera Gateway v17.3 makes significant improvements for enabling custom code extensions making the Gateway implementations easier and more intuitive. We continue Primavera Gateway framework improvements around error handling and troubleshooting with new capability to review errors and warnings on a single page. Also introduced in this release, the ability to schedule data integration flows based on successful completion of another flow.