Hi all,


We are excited to announce the availability of monthly product releases that will enhance the functionality of our Cloud products. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features.


Oracle Prime v17.4

Prime 17.4 will be coming later this month and will include a multi-tenant architecture.  Keep an eye out for detailed enablement sessions to be scheduled soon on what multi-tenant will mean for you.


Primavera P6 EPPM v17.4

P6 EPPM version 17.4 includes considerable progress toward improving P6 Pro performance.  Project Managers can also be more efficient in P6 Web by utilizing templates to create WBS nodes and activities. Project and Resource Managers will also be more effective with the addition of Project and Activity level UDFs in the Resource Assignment View to help analyze their data properly.


Primavera Unifier v17.4

Primavera Unifier 17.4 continues the modernization of the user interface and user experience within the Document Manager. This new design is similar to the logs providing users access directly to attributes and other related information on the right hand side of the form. The business process logs have also been enhanced to allow the user to select multiple records and create a custom print based on the selected records. Also included are enhancements to the Summary Payment Application allowing the ability to roll up the cost breakdown lines to the summary lines, being able to hide the cost lines and to make the summary lines read only. Providing these options gives the customer more control on how the payment applications are entered and simplifies the experience for the user. We have now extended support for multiple tabs to the document type business process to allow a user to be able to capture the likes of issues or potential changes against a submittal. In the mobile app we have added support for text type business processes and added an unread badge notification for tasks.


Oracle Textura Payment Management v17.4

Textura Payment Management (TPM) 17.4 introduces expanded change order management and payment tracking functionality. The change order functionality supports UK workflows (though it is usable in any region). When configured, subcontractor-submitted change order requests can now be accepted by the general contractor without having to approve the change order in TPM.  Invoice amounts will be validated against a subcontract “do not exceed” value, rather than the subcontract value, at the time of invoice approval. In a separate effort, customers will be able to improve cash flow forecasting by tracking payments to subcontractors using a Payment Due Date.


Primavera Submittal Exchange v17.4

Primavera Submittal Exchange continues to focus on items to prepare the site to be ready to move to an Oracle cloud during 2017. This release includes continued data base cleanup and consolidating java code. Reports have also been moved to Oracle Business Intelligence. The help section has been updated with new Oracle User Guides now rewritten and stored in the Oracle Help Center.


Primavera Analytics v17.4

Primavera Analytics 17.4 introduces several new dimensions and facts to provide enhanced analytics options for our customers. For P6 customers, Indicator User Defined Fields (UDFs) can now be brought over to Primavera Analytics. Also from P6, we have added the WBS Hierarchy dimension to the ‘Primavera – Activity History’ subject area, allowing users to navigate historical activity data through the corresponding WBS hierarchy. For Unifier customers, we are introducing a new fact which provides a count metric for line items. This fact is available in our Business Process subject areas.


Primavera Gateway v17.4

Primavera Gateway v17.4 introduces several enhancements in the user interface to help users navigate between parent and child synchronization jobs.  We continue to improve the Primavera Gateway framework to support transferring data configuration from one Gateway environment to another more comprehensive by including file converters when exporting or importing metadata in Primavera Gateway.




Primavera Portfolio Management v16.1.2 – On Premise only!

In this point release of OPPM, filtering has been added to scorecards so that customers will now be able to restrict which items/portfolios are displayed in the scorecard and share these filters with other users.  The dependency widget has been enhanced so that invalid dependencies will no longer appear as selections.  This should improve reporting accuracy, especially for our regulatory users. Other high priority customer feature requests now available include a custom option for the QBP refresh, dynamic list column sorting, category description tool-tips and mandatory/read-only designations for categories in tables.