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Hi all,


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Hi all,


We are excited to announce our monthly product releases, all scheduled to be released throughout the month of June, that will enhance the functionality of our Cloud products. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Oracle Prime v17.6

Oracle Prime 17.6 introduces Contract Management capabilities to help increase the efficiency and speed of construction while reducing schedule delays and risk. Contracts App allows users to manage Contracts, Commitments, Change Orders and Payment Applications. Commitments and Change Orders also roll up to the project Cost Sheet to provide real-time visibility into costs. Built in capabilities such as Workflows, Share and Discussions allow stakeholders to collaborate and take appropriate actions throughout the life cycle. Tasks App gets improved usability and allows commitments and due dates to be set in the past. Tasks users can delete commitments and re-commitments made by mistake. Improved support for cut, copy & paste of tasks when tasks are grouped. Risk App now supports collaboration across stakeholders using Workflows. Risk Analysts can add more information via descriptive rich text fields. Workflows are enhanced so the initiator can be the performer in the first step. Update Field Task can be setup to update codes and UDFs. Other enhancements include support for Reasons in Configuration Package and improvements to APIs.


Primavera P6 EPPM v17.6

P6 EPPM 17.6 brings the power of the Resource Assignment view to the Projects area of the application. Customers can now work directly with the project resource assignments without needing to move away from Projects and filter data in Resources. Checking for resource over-allocation has been simplified and integrated into the Resource Assignment View. Our P6 Pro and Primavera Virtual Desktop users will appreciate a simplified flow for accessing exported XML and XER files.


Primavera Unifier v17.6

Primavera Unifier 17.6 continues with enhancements related to the Document Manager. These include providing more details on the Linked Records and starting AutoVue as an application in order to support the majority of browsers. From a usability perspective we have added the ability to sort the SOV to allow related lines to be grouped together, the summary payment application grid has an updated look, the request for bid type of business process has been changed to remove the word bid to make it more meaningful in countries where bids are not normally used and the document review in the business processes now supports the Unifier viewer that was added to the document manager in the previous release. With the support for the Unifier viewer, the user can now see annotations made on the mobile application within the browser and vice versa. The activity sheet integration has been enhanced to support the cost codes from P6. This allows the user to select an activity on a cost type business process and to populate the cost code on the line with the cost code from the activity sheet in order to ensure the same cost code is being used in both products. For customers that use our Lease Management we have extended the lease escalation methods to use an index which can be defined external to the lease and will only be retrieved when the escalation happens. With this release we have also made major changes to the configuration management. The administrator no longer needs to tag every item they want to include in a configuration package, they can now create a component list where they can check everything they want to include in a package and then use this list to create the configuration package.


Oracle Textura Payment Management v17.6

TPM version 17.6 includes significant improvements to the Draw Initiation (DI) user experience. Now, at the point of DI, General Contractors will be able to indicate that a subcontractor's billing is "full and final", reduce held retention, and lock both settings on subcontractor billing. Additionally, the DI process will now be asynchronous. This allows the General Contractor to navigate away from the DI page and later be notified once DI is complete. Additionally, 17.6 releases a new UI for users to configure the Conditional Approval Routing rules. Conditional Approval Routing gives TPM users the ability to define default approval steps, as well as additional approvers when certain criteria is met (e.g. invoices in excess of $1MM).


Primavera Gateway v17.6

Primavera Gateway v17.6 introduces an automatic way of recognizing supported file extensions during actual synchronization. This feature significantly reduces upfront setup time by allowing on the fly resolution of different file formats within a single file provider deployment configuration. We also added a few data samples to better assist Primavera Gateway users with flat file integration projects.


Textura Pre-Qualification Management v17.6

Textura PQM 17.6 further enhances the Approvals and Tasks log. The new features will remember the users last filter and allow the approval log to be sorted. In addition, our new qualification management screen will be put into production. It will contain minimal features but gets key functionality to our clients. This is the first step in replacing 3 of our older pages with a single new interface.


Primavera Submittal Exchange v17.6

Primavera Submittal Exchange 17.6 continues to address bug fixes and remediation items.




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