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Hi all,


New product releases are advertised via the blog monthly, but in terms of a release schedule, you can expect monthly Cloud releases and an annual On-Premise release for our P6 and Unifier products. Please check out the following Knowledge document for more information regarding this release process:


Primavera Products (P6 and Unifier) Cloud and On Premise Release Schedule (Doc ID 2288155.1)




Hi all,


The following products will have updates available during the month of August. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.



Oracle Prime v17.8


Oracle Prime 17.8 introduces several improvements across Contracts, Lean Scheduling, Portfolios, Dashboards, Reports, Administration and Mobile modules. Contracts now have cost permissions to both Change Orders and Payment Applications. There is no dependency on the Contract or Commitment cost permissions to add, edit, approve or delete Change Orders and Payment Applications. In addition, Contracts now have the quick filters and a history view.


Tasks get improved auditing capabilities to Tasks page and Tasks detail tab of the Activities page. Tasks also get usability enhancements on the Calendar controls.


Portfolio permission sets are now grouped to accommodate functional areas. Customers can now do the budget planning in quarters including the first year. Added the ability to group and filer by the Boolean and List Type configured fields on Budget Planning functionality.


Task fields are now exposed on the Dashboards. Contracts and Commitments subject areas are added to Reports. Several usability enhancements on the Workflow permissions and user assignments.


All new Oracle Prime Progress for Android helps field workers track and progress issues assigned to you and your company.


Other improvements include, multi-currency support for Project Construction Value, supporting project UDFs for Field functionality, Scorecards and Analysis views in Configuration Import/Export functionality and a default ‘View Only’ global permission set for the users.



Oracle Textura Payment Management v17.8


This release expands the payment due date (PDD) functionality to schedule subcontractor payments based on the date the subcontractor or General Contractor invoice was approved. There are also improvements to the recently released Conditional Approval Routing feature to allow more users to enroll subcontracts in Approval Groups, as well as various small improvements and bug fixes.



Primavera Submittal Exchange v17.8


Primavera Submittal Exchange 17.8 introduces a new capability to download multiple files at one time within a particular document log. Enhancements have also been made to the archive process. Users now have more options of how they would like documents named and organized within the archive file. For photo logs, an email notification has also been added for when photos are uploaded to a gallery. Other improvements include some bug fixes, a new internal administrative role, and correcting the savings calculator on the project index page.



Textura Pre-Qualification Management v17.8


The PQM August release adds the first version of a qualification management UI. When this is fully rolled out it will replace 4 pages and 3 separate processes into a centralized screen. The new screen organization will also allow us to add some functionality that will increase both our clients and our own operational efficiency.




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