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Hi all,


We are excited to announce the delivery of Prime Progress, a mobile app suited for users that progress and perform critical work assigned to them and their company. With Prime Progress, users can stay current on project site updates and ensure the project team is familiar with the work being completed.


The following project-centric features are now available:

  1.     Provide on-site progress updates for work assigned to self or company including tasks and activities
  2.     View and update assigned issues
  3.     Collaborate with peers on assigned work using Prime discussions
  4.     Offline access to multiple projects


For the first time in Prime, we are providing comparable functionality on the Android operating system! In recent weeks, we released Prime Progress for both Android and iOS marking a significant milestone in our effort to go to market with feature parity across both mobile platforms.


Prime iOS End-of-Life

The mobile team has been busy executing on a plan set forth by the strategy team to increase value to Prime customers with targeted applications like Prime Progress. This targeted approach allows us to deliver functionality to different persona’s in different ways. In light of this shift in strategy, the existing Prime iOS application will be removed from the Apple App Store in early December. For existing clients interested in lean task and activities on mobile, the same feature set is available in Prime Progress.




Hi all,


Are you using the Cloud and are unsure of how to manage your users? Or are you interested in the Cloud and wondering how user administration differs from an on- premise deployment? If so, check out this recently created Knowledge document which links to a video created by our curriculum team.


How to Manage Users in the Primavera Cloud Administration Application [Video] (Doc ID 2325447.1)


This document provides a video tutorial for managing users in the Primavera Cloud Administration Application, including instructions on how to:

  •     Add Users
  •     Manage their accounts and application access
  •     Create Partner Companies




Hi all,


The following products will have updates available during the month of November. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Oracle Prime v17.11


New! Prime Progress for Android

For the first time in Prime, mobile users will have comparable functionality, no matter which operating system they prefer! Like Oracle Prime Progress for iOS, Android allows users to monitor and progress critical work assigned to them like tasks, activities and issues. This ensures project workers will stay up to date with project site updates and ensure the project team is familiar with the work that has been completed. 


Create and Edit Field Inspections on the Web

Users will be able to create, edit and progress inspections through the workflow using the Prime Field web interface, complementing the inspections function from the Prime Field for iOS mobile application. Built with a consistent user experience, the behaviors and actions throughout inspection management on the web interface are familiar to users of other Prime applications.


Create Projects in P6 from Prime & Platform Improvements

Projects created in Prime can now be set to use Cloud Sync, and will be created in P6 EPPM. Previously, project data only flowed from P6 to Prime. Now, project header data can be synced in both directions. Additionally, user passwords can now be reset by administrators in Prime, negating the need to submit a service request to Support.


Improved Document Exchange Reporting and Communication

Submittals and RFI objects are now available for users to report on. Users can create a report by clicking on the Run Report icon at the top of the Submittal or RFI grids, or by going to the Reports module within Prime. Additionally, e-mails are now being sent for Submittal Items that are using the out of the box workflow.



Primavera P6 EPPM Cloud Service, Analytics & Data Warehouse v17.11


17.11 provides hybrid support between P6 EPPM Cloud Service and an on-premise instance of either Primavera Analytics or the Primavera Data Warehouse.


As part of the process, the necessary data for the Data Warehouse is copied in near real-time from the cloud-based P6 PMDB to an on-premise P6 PMDB database via the Primavera Analytics Cloud Sync utility.


In addition, as part of the Cloud Sync utility, we are providing a P6.jar file to run P6 Publication Services on the on-premise P6 PMDB database. This populates the Extended Schema which then allows a customer to run their on-premise ETL to populate the Primavera Data Warehouse and Primavera Analytics.


The Primavera Analytics Cloud Sync Utility is included with either Primavera Analytics or the Primavera Data Warehouse and includes a restricted use license for WebLogic Standard Edition to run the above processes. Note that P6 itself is not supported on the on-premise P6 PMDB copy.


Currently, customers must submit a Support Request to obtain the necessary files and documentation. This will be moved to the customer Cloud Admin page starting with v18.



Primavera Submittal Exchange v17.11


17.11 introduces a new grid in the Submittal, Closeout and RFI logs, which addresses several user interface issues clients have been asking for. The new interface allows the users to be able to freeze headers, lock the left column, and displays a delineation between each expected item (which makes reading the logs easier) in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The introduction of the new grid also provides users with updated print capabilities, budget totals, the ability to expand or collapse sections and categories, and set up in-column filters. A new email notifications will now be sent out if a photo gallery or one or multiple photos are added, edited, or deleted from a gallery. The frequency of notification emails will follow what the user sets up in their email settings. Several bug fixes were addressed as well.



Announcing v17.3 for Instantis On-Premise and Cloud Customers


In this three-month release, we are making modifications to enable customers to filter and report data based on the last updated time stamps, beyond the existing daily date stamp.  We have also included some smaller enhancement requests.  The evaluation matrix weights can now be edited, proposal finances can be enabled for "single view" templates and the reporting for proposal finances has been improved.  This is the last official release of Instantis for on-premise installations.  In 2018, we are transitioning to a monthly cloud-only release cycle.




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