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Hi all,


The following product will have an update available during the month of December. Below are key highlights for the release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Oracle Prime v17.12


Enhanced Portfolio Planning Capabilities

The portfolios team has been releasing useful enhancements to resource planning, budget optimization and funding throughout the second half of 2017.  As of 17.12, resource planners can now analyze resource costs based on the role rates. For budget planners, the portfolio evaluation category scores can be optimized using the efficient frontier, funds can now be allocated to portfolios from the workplace fund and the allocation of funds to the optimum solution set requires only one click!


Application Presets & User Administration Improvements

Application Administrators can now define a Preset based on which certain applications will be accessible or hidden from the users. Also, a new User Administrator privilege helps certain users to be able to add multiple users in their own company, without depending on the Application Administrators.


Production & Non-Production Workspace Support

Prime now supports a clear distinction between the Production and Non-Production workspaces. This makes it easy for the customers to use workspaces for solutioning, testing and training.




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