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Hi all,


We have recently created video content in our Knowledgebase, centered around the technical aspects of P6. Please check them out below:


  • How to Configure SSL in WebLogic 12c Using the Demo Keystore for P6 EPPM [Video] (Doc ID 2331396.1)
  • How to Create a WebLogic 12c Managed Server for P6 EPPM [Video] (Doc ID 2331397.1)
  • How to Do a Session Trace on P6 Professional Connected to an Oracle 12c Database Using DBMS Support [Video] (Doc ID  2331420.1)
  • How to Download, Install, and Upgrade Primavera P6 Professional [Video] (Doc ID 2331432.1)
  • How to Reset Database and Application User Passwords in Primavera P6 [Video] (Doc ID 2331434.1)
  • How to Upgrade a Primavera P6 SQLite Database [Video] (Doc ID 2331435.1)
  • How to Use SQLite Editor on a Primavera P6 Standalone (SQLite) Database [Video] (Doc ID 2331427.1)


Hope these are helpful.




Hi all,


The following products will have an update available during the month of January. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.



Oracle Prime Projects v18.1


New Navigation

Prime 18.1 has updated Prime’s Navigation geared towards simplifying Prime and how users understand or interact with the system. Updates include; switching the primary navigation element to the Object (Project, Portfolio, Workspace), a browse fly-out for that primary element, moving the Object’s functionality (Schedule, Risk, Tasks, etc…) to the left side within those objects, new on-boarding elements and an improved Search.


Ideation Additions

In this release we add evaluation scoring and investor maps to our existing idea objects and allow then to be routed to idea owners for review and approval. A short training video is available by clicking here.



Primavera Unifier v18.1


With this release we have added several new enhancements to the document manager.

  • Thumbnail view allows the user to be able to view the content of folders based on thumbnails of supported file formats.
  • Search has been extended to include searching based on document meta data.
  • Shortcuts and favorites have been added to allow users to navigate quickly to the folders and files they commonly use.
  • For administrators, we have now added the ability to push folder structures and permissions from templates out to shells.
  • A new DE has been added that can display the URL for the document.


Included in this release is also the start of the new user experience for the Business Processes. This is currently limited to non-production environments for the initial release and to Simple and Generic Line Item type Business Processes.


In Portfolio Manager we have made some usability enhancements to the UI including the ability to edit fields to the left of the split and being able to define the widths of the columns. We have also introduced the ability to notify users in a project whenever a Scenario is shared or approved.


A number of forms have also been updated to reflect the user experience that is available in the logs. These include:

  • Home Landing Page
  • All the Mail related forms
  • Portal Landing Page
  • Bidder Portal


Within Analytics we have now included support for CBS text attributes, line item tab identifier and increased the number of fields that can be extracted for BPs and Shells.


Based on customer feedback, we have also made changes to the adding of tabs for projects. This has been reduced to a single tab where the user can see a list of their recent projects, their bookmarks, key locations and can also search for projects. We now also allow the administrator to define if the number or name of the shell should be displayed in the tab.


Within the Summary Payment Application we have now added the ability for the administrator to define how the values from the summary rows should display on the total row on the bottom of the form. The options include sum, formula and blank.


In order to reduce confusion between P6 WBS codes and Unifier cost codes, Unifier has been updated to display CBS rather the current WBS.



Primavera Analytics v18.1


Primavera Analytics version 18.1 introduces several new features for both Primavera P6 and Unifier customers.

  • For Unifier, support for up to 20 CBS text data elements for use within Primavera Analytics, providing additional insight into Unifier cost data.
  • Historical Unifier fact data can now be captured in monthly intervals, providing greater flexibility in how historical data and trending can be analyzed.
  • The sample catalog includes several Unifier mobile analyses based on OBI’s Mobile App Designer. These samples support cost sheet, cash flow, and BP analyses and are supported on any HTML-5 compatible mobile device.
  • A new 'What-If' dashboard page is now in the sample catalog giving users the ability to model potential P6 project changes.
  • Customers can now increase the number of P6 UDFs, P6 codes, and Unifier BP data elements up to the documented maximum without submitting a request to Oracle Support (for cloud customers) or manually editing the Oracle BI .rpd file (for on-premise customers).
  • ETL Data Source names can be customized directly in the web-based Primavera Analytics Administration module.
  • P6 and Unifier Action Link URLs can be configured directly in the web-based Primavera Analytics Administration module or through the Primavera Data Warehouse Configuration Utility.



Primavera P6 EPPM v18.1


P6 version 18.1 includes usability enhancements that will improve efficiency and performance.


P6 Professional release 18.1 includes a comprehensive caching mechanism for Cloud Connect environments, Primavera Cache Service. Primavera Cache Service greatly enhances the user experience by making the most frequent operations near instantaneous: adding, deleting, and updating a single activity.


P6 Web Activity view now has the ability to copy multiple WBS nodes at one time and also includes a new and improved Progress Spotlight feature. EPS and Resource Assignment Classic views can also be converted to Standard views via Import/Export.



Instantis EnterpriseTrack v18.1


For our first monthly release of 2018 we are introducing two minor enhancements: The first is the addition of more fields to the project listing report.  This is part of an on-going effort to support the extraction of all EnterpriseTrack data.  The second enhancement provides multi-initiative customers with the option to hide program features which may be in use by other initiatives.




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