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Hi all,


I wanted to highlight some recent changes our Primavera communities have undergone:


  • We launched the Oracle Primavera Cloud (MOSC) community to house all content for the Oracle Prime Projects product, including discussions and enhancement requests, also known as ideas. Content for the Prime Projects product that was located in the Primavera (MOSC) community has been migrated to the new community.
  • We have renamed our existing communities to better align our spaces with our products:
    • Primavera (MOSC), the top level space which houses all of our communities is now named: Oracle Construction and Engineering (MOSC)
    • Primavera-PRIM (MOSC), which covers the P6, Instantis, Contract Management, Risk Analysis, Analytics, and Portfolio Management (OPPM) products, is now named: Primavera (MOSC)
    • Unifier-PRIM (MOSC), which covers the Unifier product, is now named: Unifier (MOSC)
    • CPIC-PRIM (MOSC), which covers content with the CPIC module, is now named:  CPIC (MOSC)


One important thing to note here is that all existing URLs for all existing content was NOT changed. If you had anything bookmarked, it will still be there.


Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.




Hi all,


The following products will have an update available during the month of February. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Oracle Prime Projects v18.2

Custom Logs within Documents

Custom logs allow users to track all project collaboration documents in a log format that make sense to the project team. This type of organization works well for documents, such as meeting minutes, that are being uploaded and do not require a workflow.


Field Reporting

Subject Areas for Field Issues, Inspections, and Commissioning are now available for Prime Reports. As with all reporting subject areas, these are available for both Prime and BI Publisher Layout designs.


Prime Progress Mobile File Access

Partners and vendors using Oracle Prime Progress for both iOS and Android will now have on-demand access to their project files from their mobile device. Users can browse, view and save project files to their device for offline access.


Work Plan Multi-Week Printing

Two-week or three-week rolling schedules are very common in the construction industry. The Work Plan page of the Tasks app has been updated to allow multi-week printing on a single page width.



Primavera Unifier v18.2

The Summary Payment Application has been enhanced to allow the user to enter a value greater than 100% in the % Complete column. In order to still retain control on what can be paid we had implemented the Commits Remaining Balance functionality that is currently available in the other Payment Application. We have also added the ability to define how the values on the summary rows should roll up from the cost breakdowns.


Within the Business Process setup we have now added the ability to filter the list of CC users to match what is available for assignees. We have also added the ability to use an OR condition across all the queries for both the assignees and the CC users.


In this release we are continuing to enhance the Business Process UI with updates to the Query Based Tabs, Reference Records, Line Item Consolidation, Comments and Attachments.


We are also continuing to enhance the Document Manager by giving the user the ability to revise or keep both when copying a document to a folder that already contains a document with the same name.


For integration, we have extended the getSOV web service to also support the Summary Payment Application type of Business processes.


Lastly, we have added a new Administrator menu option that allows them to view the background jobs that are scheduled to run. As well as being able to view the jobs, the administrator can also define which time zone should be used when the job is next scheduled.



Primavera Analytics v18.2

Primavera Analytics now supports several Unifier pickers and data pickers which can be configured in the Unifier > Administration Mode > Analytics > Business Processes. The following pickers and data pickers are supported:


  •     BP Data Picker
  •     Shell Data Picker
  •     Space Data Picker
  •     User Data Picker
  •     BP Picker
  •     User Picker
  •     Shell Picker
  •     Space Picker 



Primavera P6 EPPM v18.2

P6 version 18.2 introduces the ability to directly integrate Prime's Lean Tasks with P6's Steps. Using the Gateway integration, Tasks from Prime are now created as Steps in P6 so that Project Managers can directly see and react to the impacts that Tasks have on the project schedule. This task integration is only available on web only in 18.2, equivalent functionality to be delivered for client in the coming months.


To improve usability, customers now have the ability to assign EPS, Activity, and Resource Assignment views to specific users rather than all users. Version 18.2 also includes a new Earned Value field - Performance Percent Complete - Labor Units. This new field is calculated as Earned Value Labor Units divided by Budget at Complete Labor Units multiplied by 100.



Primavera Gateway v18.2

Primavera Gateway version 18.2 further enhances pre-built integration between Prime and P6. In this release we added support for Lean Task flow by allowing Prime tasks to be mapped with P5 Activity Steps. This is on directional OOTB flow to provide visibility to P6 project manager with the latest statuses form Prime Tasks.


We added ability to automatically clean-up synchronization job logs in Primavera Gateway. Primavera Gateway Administrators can now set configurable parameter that will specify number of days that the job log should be retained. After specified number of days, the system will automatically remove job logs older than provided threshold.


Added support for P6 Activity code hierarchy transfer when duplicate code values exists within different parts of the three.



Primavera Submittal Exchange v18.2

Submittal Exchange enhances the custom role label functionality to be controlled at a log level instead of at a project level.



Instantis EnterpriseTrack v18.2

This release includes several bug fixes as well as a Proposal/Project Finance Search API enhancement and a new column "Hours per Week" in the Resource Listing Report.

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