Hi all,


I wanted to highlight some recent changes our Primavera communities have undergone:


  • We launched the Oracle Primavera Cloud (MOSC) community to house all content for the Oracle Prime Projects product, including discussions and enhancement requests, also known as ideas. Content for the Prime Projects product that was located in the Primavera (MOSC) community has been migrated to the new community.
  • We have renamed our existing communities to better align our spaces with our products:
    • Primavera (MOSC), the top level space which houses all of our communities is now named: Oracle Construction and Engineering (MOSC)
    • Primavera-PRIM (MOSC), which covers the P6, Instantis, Contract Management, Risk Analysis, Analytics, and Portfolio Management (OPPM) products, is now named: Primavera (MOSC)
    • Unifier-PRIM (MOSC), which covers the Unifier product, is now named: Unifier (MOSC)
    • CPIC-PRIM (MOSC), which covers content with the CPIC module, is now named:  CPIC (MOSC)


One important thing to note here is that all existing URLs for all existing content was NOT changed. If you had anything bookmarked, it will still be there.


Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.