Hi all,


The following products will have an update available during the month of March. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Oracle Prime Projects v18.3

Lean Enhancements

In 18.3, Lean features a major usability enhancement by providing users the ability to select multiple Tasks in the Hopper and Planning Board and cut, copy, paste, drag and drop them. This release also features an interactive Gantt allowing users to change the due date and duration of Tasks from the Gantt view. Finally, the analysis page just got a little more powerful with Company PPC over Time.


New! Prime Projects for iOS

Using the new Prime Projects app, project team members can monitor tasks and activities, access files and communicate with other projects users in a single tap. With a project centric approach and KPIs, monitoring project health has never been easier on-the-go with a data driven overview page that features task and activity progress, tasks by company and missed commitments. With an intuitive navigation, users can access a view of their lean task work plan to monitor tasks and activities that fall within a three-week window. Finally, project files are available on-demand while internet connectivity is available with the options to download any file for offline access. This MVP release features Project iOS only, but a comparable Android version is not far behind.


Field Commissioning Report

Users will be able to create reports using the Field Commissioning subject areas.  The user will be able to generate reports for the Project and Workspace.  This is considered the MVP for Commissioning reporting


Project Creation Enhancements

Create projects without the Workspace hierarchy restrictions. This helps to easily create projects across Production or Non-Production Workspaces and greatly reduces the manual effort to configure and setup similar projects.


Documents’ Log Enhancements

User defined fields within custom logs are now available to be used. Emails, app notifications and inbox notifications are now generated to everyone who has access to a that log when an item is uploaded. Users will also be able to import items from an Excel document to populate a submittal log within Documents.



Primavera P6 EPPM v18.3

P6's Activity View now includes the ability to interactively work with the Gantt chart. Activity bars can be moved, relationships add and edited, and durations can be changed. The Forecast Bar in Capacity Planning can also be moved manually.



Primavera Analytics v18.3

Primavera Analytics now supports OBI



Primavera Gateway v18.3

In 18.3, Gateway introduces the addition of the user configurable option in Primavera Gateway framework to limit deletion of the data in the target application to only data that was previously synchronized using gateway



Instantis EnterpriseTrack v18.3

The 18.3 release features key bug fixes plus small additions to the Non-WBS Activity Report and Deleted Records Report to support customer data extract use cases.



Primavera Unifier v18.3

The latest release of the Unifier Mobile App will also be released which includes the following:

  • Support for user-based locale, region formatting and the supported twelve languages.
  • Users can now choose to use either the time zone of their device or the Unifier server when moving across time zones
  • Copy BP records and line items with or without attachments.
  • Support for split screen display on iPads.
  • Easily search the Documents hierarchy for files and folders.
  • When routing workflow records, expand and select users from the task assignee group as the next step assignees.
  • Support for conditional filtering of step assignees as per the workflow design.


Continuing to enhance the new UI BPs including the following:

  • The Project/Shell Creation BP now supports the new UI.
  • The user can now group line items rather than using summary lines. This provides more flexibility than the summary lines.
  • The Linked Mail UI has been updated.
  • Comments have been changed to be similar to the commenting in the Document Review form.
  • When creating a Business Process from the Document Manager that support the new UI, the new UI will be used.
  • Creating templates for Business Processes now has a new UI that reduces the number of popups. For Business processes that support the new UI they will be used in order to create the template.
  • Viewing of attachments within the BP now support the Unifier Viewer as well as AutoVue.


A number of enhancements have also been added to the Document Manager:

  • Within uDesigner, we now support the ability to have multiple document and folder attribute forms. These new forms can be assigned to shells on the Options tab.
  • Files are now uploaded asynchronously which allows the user to continue with other work while the documents are uploaded.
  • Like the Business Processes, it is now possible to for the administrator to define the views that users will see within the Document Manager.


Support for Financial Periods has now been added to Unifier. The administrator can now define their own periods. These periods can then be assigned to a shell which can then be used when creating cash flow curves. In addition, to the cash flow, the financial period can also be assigned to a Portfolio which will then use the periods to display the columns in the sheet. The Portfolio will also only include projects with the same Financial Periods.


Along with the Financial Periods, the Portfolio now supports actuals based on derived curves when displaying the actuals in the sheets.


Additional UI Enhancements:

  • The Portal Landing page has a new default layout. For each portal Business Process it will display a pie chart by status a list of the records.
  • The User Preference page has also been updated.


The License Manager has now been updated to combine what used to be Company and Partner license counts into one Standard license count. This removes the need for customers to request support to move licenses between Company and Partner users. We are also introducing a license count for Portal users. User will now be defined as either Standard or Portal users and will be validated against the appropriate license count. Portal users will automatically be logged into the Portal.