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Hi all,


Oracle Industry Connect 2018 has concluded, and if you missed it, we have the highlights!


Day 1 blog post

Day 1 video

Day 2 blog post

Day 2 video




Hi all,


The following products will have an update available during the month of April. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Oracle Prime Projects v18.4


Reports Platform

In 18.4, The Reports Editor has an entirely new design to improve the overall user experience for creating and modifying reports.


Leveraging the existing subject areas as before, column selection and layout design are vastly improved. Choose to work between the Canvas layout view (for Prime Layout reports) or List layout view (for BIP Layout reports). Additionally, codes are now available for grouping and filtering within Main Subject Areas and bar charts and status meter charts now support Count and Sum aggregation types.


Field Enhancements & Configuration Packages

Prime Field now supports Linear inspection form functions in Field - Web, to complement the linear inspection forms function in Field for iOS.

  • Create Linear Inspection forms without a Smart PDF:  Currently, Field can generate linear inspection forms from a Smart PDF Form, and display these forms on the Field for iOS app.  With this release, the user will be able to create a Linear Inspection Form without the Smart PDF form.
  • View Linear Forms in the Field Web interface:  Before this release, Linear Forms were only viewed on the iPad.  Now, the Inspection forms on the web will  display Linear Forms as well as PDF Inspection Forms.


Also, project Based configuration packages will now include Prime Field configurations.


Workflow and Forms for Ideas and More

We continue to build our functionality to support Prime object use cases.  This release provides the ability to review workflow tasks directly in the application object listing pages.  We also continue to enhance the custom forms and workflows for ideas, specifically by adding the ability to add users as task performers and providing more fields options for automatic decision steps.


Prime Projects Mobile

Prime Projects, the new mobile application to monitor the health and performance of projects will also be available on the Android operating system in 18.4. Note that Prime Projects for iOS is now available in the Apple App Store.



Primavera P6 EPPM v18.4


P6 version 18.4 includes further improvements in the removal of applets. Applets are now disabled by default for all new deployments of P6. The Portfolio Scorecard has also been re-written using HTML5.



Primavera Unifier v18.4


In this release of Unifier the enhancements focus on two main areas. The first being the Document Manager where we have added the ability to rename documents and to be able to restore an early release of a document as the latest version. The second is the new BP User Interface now supports Cost Type BP with a sub-type of Line Items with CBS Code and the Classification of Generic or Transfer. The new UI also includes changes to the Picker UIs and the ability to group lines. For more details on this release please view the What's New document.



Primavera Submittal Exchange v18.4


Enhanced log preferences are introduced allowing a couple of changes to review logs when subcontractors aren't used on the project. This includes adding the ability to disable the subcontractor column and added the ability to turn off the "return" option in the review logs so users don't have to return items. The Event History page has also been updated to ensure all events are recorded properly - including showing previous and new values.



Instantis EnterpriseTrack v18.4


The 18.4 release features key bug fixes plus one new report focused on the proposal and initial project team membership.




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