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Hi all,


On Thursday, May 17 at 12pm EDT (9am PDT), please join us for the Earned Value Management within Oracle's Primavera Unifier webcast.


Attendees will learn how Oracle's Primavera Unifier provides a best-in-class cloud-based solution for managing capital projects and facilities of any size in every vertical market. The webcast will cover new Earned Value Management capabilities, including:


  • Preconfigured integration with Primavera P6 to synchronize resources, roles, and activities
  • Enhanced cost rating functionality at project level
  • Enhanced Activity Sheet that supports multiple P6 Projects, including Resource Assignments and daily spreads
  • Activity Sheet displays current project and baseline
  • Earned Value Management graphs and tables by WBS and CBS


Please click here to register for the webcast.




Hi all,


The following products will have an update available during the month of May. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Primavera P6 EPPM v18.5


P6 version 18.5 now allows our P6 Professional Clients to install multiple versions of P6 on the same computer. This improvement will enable our Cloud customers to upgrade their stage environment to a newer version for testing purposes before upgrading in Production.


P6 v18.5 also improves the integration with Prime's Lean Tasks. Using the Gateway integration, Tasks from Prime are now created and displayed in a new Task tab in P6 so that Project Managers can directly see and react to the impacts that Tasks have on the project schedule. This functionality is available in P6 Web and Client.


Two additional BI Publisher reports have been added to help P6 Administrators understand how and when users are accessing P6.



Textura Payment Management v18.5


Textura Payment Management now supports the ability for Owners to add projects to the application. This improvement is part of a broader initiative to add Owner functionality and controls and supports Operational Integration requirements.


This release also provides the ability for users to modify subcontract invoice numbers to correct integration errors and reduce support burden. For reports, organizations can now easily extend access to report on all projects using the “View All Projects” permission.



Oracle Prime Projects v18.5


Improvements to Support ‘Idea to Proposed Project’ Workflows

Users will be able to create proposed projects from ideas.  Idea information can now be mapped to fields on the new project object that is created.  To simplify the user experience, Prime now supports the option for a proposal workflow to be automatically linked (no selection required) during the proposal creation step.  We also now allow portfolio query refreshing as part of a workflow, ensuring that any project changes made by the running workflow are automatically reflected in the relevant portfolios.


New Subject Areas Available in Charts and Dashboards

The following new subject areas are available for charts and dashboards:

  • Field (Issues, Inspections, Commissioning)
  • Strategies



Primavera Submittal Exchange v18.5


Submittal Exchange now supports users added in bulk from an Excel document. User details can be added (including email, company, role and title) as well as project data including the logs, sections and categories a user has access to as well as email settings.


Functionality for project representatives to upload their project specification documents has previously been done via a third party website. This functionality now resides within Submittal Exchange.



Primavera Analytics v18.5


Primavera Analytics 18.5 introduces the following new features:

  • More granular Unifier staging update options that allow for more frequent data updates to Primavera Analytics. Options are 4, 6, 8, 12 hours as well as daily. The ETL will need to be configured in conjunction with the Staging frequency.
  • Revised Admin dashboard to incorporate Unifier metrics alongside P6 (such as Last Logged In, Number of Logins, etc.).



Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM) v18


OPPM version 18 is built upon an updated Microsoft .NET Framework (4.5) which will provide significant long-term benefits for OPPM customers with respect to performance, memory management and security. This release also includes an number of highly requested feature enhancements.



Primavera Unifier v18.5


In this release, Unifier is introducing Earned Value Management. The source of the data is from P6 integrated via Gateway and stored in the Activity Sheet. Earned Value provides the ability to consolidate multiple P6 projects into one Unifier project. Unifier provides additional costing capabilities including the ability for project level resource and role rates. The Earned Value Analysis provides standard graphs and earned value indices.


In this release we are also starting to introduce UDR permission aware data sources. This functionality begins with support for business processes.


Project Mailbox now includes the ability to define sub-folders which are associated to their own email address.


This release continues with supporting more business process types with the new user interface. The new types that are supported include:

  • Cost with Fund Code
  • Cost with CBS and FBS Code
  • Cost with CBS Base Commit, Change Commit and Invoice with Generic Spends




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