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Hi all,


The following products will have an update available during the month of July. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Oracle Prime Projects v18.7


Lean Task Hand-Offs

A new Hand-offs tab enables you to create and track dependencies between tasks during lean scheduling. This helps ensure that predecessor/successor relationships between tasks are maintained during the scheduling process. A page displays task hand-offs for the entire project, grouped by activities on the project's CPM schedule. A trace logic window on the Work Plan page displays each task's relationships and automatically calculates the slack between dependent tasks as they are positioned on the planning board.


Improved Training Center

Prime Projects Training Center is enhanced with tutorials that provide step-by-step guidance on how to perform functions in Prime. The tutorials provide a complement to the training videos -- enabling you to “try it” after viewing a video. Tutorials are available in four courses: Fundamentals, Project Management, Portfolio Management, and Lean Scheduling. Also, a Screening Room is added to the Training Center for those who prefer to browse the training video catalog rather than go through the structured courses. View a video on this feature.


Primavera Unifier v18.7


With 18.7, the Request for Bid and the Document Type (without folder) business processes now support the new user interface. Additional UI changes include:

  •     The top navigation has been slightly changed to move the user name to the right hand side and have a drop down for Preferences, Proxies and Logout.
  •     The user and user group pickers now include the user image.
  •     The document review now allows the user to rotate images.
  •     A number of smaller changes have been included in the business processes and document manager to ensure consistency.


In Earned Value a number of changes have also been included:

  •     Rates from P6 will be converted to the relevant currency when synchronized in the Master rate Sheet.
  •     Currency conversion is included when calculating costs.
  •     The data models for EVM are now included in the ER View to help customer write reports.
  •     The EVM data will now be part of the Analytics extract process.


We have now added an Integration User which can be used for authentication for restful services and the legacy soap services.


Primavera P6 EPPM v18.7


P6 version 18.7 now includes an updated UI in the Risk Register. The Classic views for EPS, Activities, and Resource Assignments are no longer available.


Primavera Analytics v18.7


With 18.7, Primavera Analytics Cloud Service supports Unifier Earned Value Management data. This includes a dedicated Unifier EVM Subject Area as well as sample dashboard content focused on key EVM metrics and visualizations. The new subject area provides current and historical EVM data (as stored in Unifier) as well as Unifier's support for consolidating multiple P6 projects to a single Unifier shell.


Additional new features include:

  •     Advanced Analytics solutions focused on Project Success and Resource Pairings. Both solutions help guide customers to make better decisions based on current and historical data.
  •     Support for Unifier Line Item Tabs for analyzing Business Processes
  •     Hybrid support for Unifier on-premise with Primavera Analytics Cloud Service (see pre-requisites in pricing supplement)
  •     Email notifications to designated recipients when certain system issues require attention, such as ETL errors. 




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