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Hi all,


The following products will have an update available during the month of August. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


We are pleased to announce the on-premise release and general availability of Version 18.  For more information on these new releases, see the What’s New documentation listed below:


The release is available today, August 6, 2018, for general availability for on-premise customers from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (


Oracle Prime Projects v18.8


Lean Task Multi-Week Views

The Tasks Work Plan page now supports multi-week views. Previously, the page provided only a single-day or a single-week view. Click the list at the top of the page to choose a single day or a 1- to 6-week view of the planning board. View a video on this feature.


Prime Field Enhancements

Field now provides the ability to create a PDF file containing multiple issues with job pics, forms, markups, issue history, and attachments. Fill in standard fields like Responsible Party and add custom fields. Use the Print to PDF feature and then email or print the file for project managers, site superintendents, and foremen. Field also now supports electronic signatures on an inspection document using pre-defined signature files.


Primavera Unifier v18.8


In 18.8 we have continued to work on the User Interface including the following:

  • Document Type, Preventative Maintenance, Lease and Text type BPs support the new UI
  • Space, Level and Code & Record Logs now support the new UI
  • In the Document manager the properties are now editable on the right hand side
  • Shell Landing page


Functionality enhancements include:

  • Support for historical exchange rates
  • Ability to change the Owner of a UDR
  • Task reassignments for active users
  • Earned Value grid supports the ability to color the cell based on queries
  • Schedule Manager now has the option to not auto-schedule


There are a large number of integration enhancements including:

  • GetUDRData is now also a restful service and supports passing parameters for the query
  • Restful services now to create BP Records and get BP Records. These services now support the Integration Users and the ability to define the workflow, creator and action to be taken.
  • New restful services to create/update the permissions within the Document manager.
  • New restful services to get a list of Shells and also to be able to retrieve a list of BPs.


Lastly, the Project Controls and the Facilities and Asset Management base configurations will now be provided as Configuration Packages within MOS.


Primavera P6 EPPM v18.8


P6 version 18.8 now has the ability to import and export Excel files of data on the Enterprise Data page. In this release, activity code import and export has been implemented. More dictionaries will be coming over the next few months. In Team Member, you can group your activities and assignments by Project and WBS and add up to 5 filter criteria.


Textura Payment Management v18.8


TPM is improving how Lien Waiver holds are placed and released. Holds can now be placed on a draw by draw basis, rather than project wide. This affords Compliance Managers better control over a key compliance process. Lien Waiver holds will also be released automatically when they are marked compliant by the General Contractor.


Also in 18.8 is the ability for General Contractors to track Preliminary Notices in TPM. This compliments existing tracking of subcontractor and sub-tiers lien waiver in regions where a Preliminary Notice must be submitted to the owner.




Hi all,


A couple updates to pass along here:


On Premise Product Version Number Changes:


Starting in September, we are changing how we label patch set releases.  The patch set will be reflected by the 3rd digit. For example:

    • August: 18.8: on-premise release
    • September: 18.8.1 – first v18 patch set
    • October: 18.8.2 – 2nd patch set


This is a change from v17 where the patch set numbers increased to match the month.  Last year, we had:

    • July: 17.7 – on premise release
    • August: 17.8 – first patch set
    • September: 17.9 – 2nd patch set



Removal of Remaining Java Applets from P6 version 18.8


When P6 18.8 is released in August, all remaining applets will be disabled and unavailable to customers.  Version 18 recently included an HTML5 version of the Portfolio Capacity Planning functionality and Dashboard Scorecards.  Version 18.8 will also include a new HTML5 user interface for Risk.


The removal of applets impacts the following functionality.  There are currently no plans to re-write these areas.

    • Dashboards
      • Resource Team Summary
      • Open Request for Resource
      • Resource Analysis Chart: Replaced with improved charts in Resources/Resource Analysis
      • My Workgroups
    • Portfolios
      • Portfolio Gantt Chart
      • ROI
    • Project Workspaces
    • Resource Planning


Note: The Classic Views from EPS, Activity, and Resource Assignments have been removed in version 18.7.



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