Hi all,


A couple updates to pass along here:


On Premise Product Version Number Changes:


Starting in September, we are changing how we label patch set releases.  The patch set will be reflected by the 3rd digit. For example:

    • August: 18.8: on-premise release
    • September: 18.8.1 – first v18 patch set
    • October: 18.8.2 – 2nd patch set


This is a change from v17 where the patch set numbers increased to match the month.  Last year, we had:

    • July: 17.7 – on premise release
    • August: 17.8 – first patch set
    • September: 17.9 – 2nd patch set



Removal of Remaining Java Applets from P6 version 18.8


When P6 18.8 is released in August, all remaining applets will be disabled and unavailable to customers.  Version 18 recently included an HTML5 version of the Portfolio Capacity Planning functionality and Dashboard Scorecards.  Version 18.8 will also include a new HTML5 user interface for Risk.


The removal of applets impacts the following functionality.  There are currently no plans to re-write these areas.

    • Dashboards
      • Resource Team Summary
      • Open Request for Resource
      • Resource Analysis Chart: Replaced with improved charts in Resources/Resource Analysis
      • My Workgroups
    • Portfolios
      • Portfolio Gantt Chart
      • ROI
    • Project Workspaces
    • Resource Planning


Note: The Classic Views from EPS, Activity, and Resource Assignments have been removed in version 18.7.