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The Skanska/Walsh joint venture is managing construction of the $4 billion LaGuardia redevelopment mega project, which involves a huge number of subcontractors and major material purchase orders, entailing more than $2.3billion in contracts. Early on they recognized the need for an efficient, scalable subcontractor payment process including invoice review, waiver collection, and electronic payment.


Watch this webcast to discover:

  • Why Skanska/Walsh turned to Oracle Textura Payment Management Cloud Service to streamline and automate payment activities
  • How they improved payment efficiency and increased project team productivity
  • Their implementation journey, including benefits realized and lessons learned


To view the webcast, please click here.




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The following products will have an update available during the month of September. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Oracle Prime Projects v18.9



Edit reports at the project level. In previous versions of Prime, editing a report affected reports for all projects in the workspace. Now, you have the ability to edit reports for specific projects. For example, create a project risk response report at the workspace level for all of your projects, scheduled to run on the first day of the month – and then use the same report template for a specific project, scheduled to run the first day of each week. Project-specific reporting enables you to customize the way data is presented by project, focusing on the data that is most relevant to a given initiative.


Prime Field Enhancements

Prime Field now provides Inspection Matrix Reports to show the total number of inspections and associated issues, based on inspection status. Select the Matrix Reports Page to view the total number of Open Issues, the total number of Issues, and the total number of inspections on a project, based on their current status. This feature enables stakeholders to review issue and inspection activity at the highest level, helping them to recognize trouble spots that have the potential to impact project progress.


Request Inspection added to the Inspections page. Subcontractors and foremen now have the ability to request an inspection from the field. This saves project managers time, as workers in the field can immediately make an inspection request when work is complete. Go to the Inspections page in Field and click on the Request button to launch the Request Inspection dialog box. Complete required fields and the system will forward the request and necessary forms to the selected Inspection Manager.


Workflows & Forms

Create proposals using a custom form to capture the details you want to initiate in a project. In previous versions, a system default dialog box was displayed to collect general information about the project proposal before it was routed to decision makers. Now, workflow administrators have the ability to replace the default dialog box with a custom form, and select from a wide variety of data types to share with workflow performers.


The custom form must include the following fields for the system to recognize it as a project proposal form: Name, ID, Workspace, Project Currency, Copy from another Project, and Status. To replace the standard form with the custom form, at the workspace level in Summary & Settings, expand Default Options and select Project. Click on the Forms tab and use the Add Project Proposal list to select either the default form (which includes the standard requirements for a proposal), or your own custom proposal form.


Textura Payment Management v18.9


With release 18.9, General Contractors be able to configure if they are using TPM for their owner billing on a given project. Prior to this release, TPM created a workflow for every billing period. This feature will streamline the billing process for organizations that do not use TPM for owner invoice creation, allowing users to focus on subcontractor billing tasks.


The release also includes two improvements for project owners as part of a broader set of enhancements for owners. First, owners can now self-perform the general contractor role, allowing greater configuration of participants. Second, owners can now be granted access to view the Contract Status page for subcontractors on their project. This access gives them a more detailed view of project and subcontract activity.


Finally, there are two enhancements for the Canadian and UK customers. Canadian organizations can track tax information by province to align with tax requirements. In the UK, TPM now supports the ability to issue Pay Less Notices in line with Construction Act requirements.




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