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Hi all,


The following products will have an update available during the month of October. Below are key highlights for each release. For more information, please refer to the corresponding product documentation for additional details and visuals of the newly added features once the product becomes available.


Oracle Prime Projects v18.10


Inbox has been redesigned, enabling you to view information related to the projects you manage. Use the Inbox – accessed via the Notifications icon – to review action items like overdue activities/workflow tasks and general notifications like background services/alerts. Use the left panel to filter which notifications are displayed in the list and flag items that require follow-up. History is no longer a separate page for completed Inbox entries. It is now a predefined filter labeled Archive on the Inbox page. Archive any item, return it to the Inbox, or delete it.


Generate resource demand from existing resource assignments in a project. This feature allows you to use the same resource plan for planned projects and projects in progress. Create Demand from Schedule is available on Resource Demand page under Actions. It generates role demand for all roles assigned in the project as well as roles associated with resources. If a matching role demand is found, select to keep or update the existing demand.


Track changes to workflow designs and select the version that works best for your configuration. When changes are made to a workflow design, a tool-tip icon appears to the right of all workflow configurations associated with it. On the Workflow Configuration page, click the tool-tip icon to view interactive diagrams of both the current and updated workflow designs. Use the Added and Removed Elements menus to review the differences between designs, and then select the version that you want to use. After a design is selected, the configuration page is displayed. Make changes to the configuration if required, and then click Publish to save it and make the workflow available for use.


Textura Payment Management v18.10


New Data on the Approve Invoice Page

General Contractors will be able to track additional information for submitted invoices from the Approve Invoices page. Now, invoice amounts for second tier subcontractors can be viewed directly from the page, allowing users to validate sub-tier invoice amounts. There are also two new columns on the page for Net Invoice Amount and Invoice Approved Date.


Reduce Invoice Submission Errors

Previously, subcontractors would incorrectly submit an invoice for zero or negative value, requiring extra steps to submit for the desired value. Now, a new alert will notify users if they are to submit zero or negative value invoices reducing errors and frustration.




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