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Welcome to Spring Training 2019!  This next micro-series offers real-time visibility into performance allowing project managers and stakeholders to maximize value and make key business decisions.  Each session is 30-minutes followed by Q&A segment. Click on the session links below and download the iCalendar file, with webcast logistics, to your schedule.


Workflow and Forms:  April 11, 2019   |  Session 1   |   Session 2

Description:  Workflows and Forms automates complicated business processes using a predefined sequences of steps and tasks to route information between workers. Organizations use these applications to manage processes that involve many people and steps that need to be completed in a specific order.

Learning Objectives: You will learn about Workflow Design, Forms, Workflow Configuration, Start Workflows, and Monitor Workflow Status.

Audience: Project Managers and Portfolio Managers


Dashboards and Reports:  April 18, 2019   |  Session 1   |   Session 2 

Description:  The Dashboard application enables you to create, manage, and view custom dashboards tiles of workspace, project, and portfolio data. Dashboards provide an overview of data that is critical when monitoring projects and portfolios.  The Report application enables you to leverage customizable reports to communicate detailed or summarized information about projects. Reports are user-defined, enabling you to create reports based on specific data and design selections.

Learning Objectives:  Create charts and reports, generate different representations of your data, and customize your dashboards.

Audience: Project Owners and Project Managers


Tips & Tricks - Configured Fields and Views:   May 2, 2019  |  Session 1   |   Session 2

Description:  Oracle Prime Projects allows users to manage data specific to their organization by creating codes, configured fields, and user-defined views. Codes can be used to group and filter large amounts of information spanning different areas of your organization. Configured fields are specific to one object, but can be created using a variety of data types using custom formulas. Many pages support the ability to save named views, which bring together content customized for each user, project, or workspace.

Learning Topics: Codes, Configured Fields, Views

Audience: All Prime Users


Portfolio Management:   May 16, 2019   |   Session 1   |   Session 2

Description:  Portfolio Management is used to create, select and manage the best project combination under defined goals and (budget) constraints.

Learning Objectives:  You will learn how to:

.  Create projects and relevant portfolio details like planning periods and (entering) cash-flow data.

.  Add a project to a portfolio based on predefined criteria such as codes or user defined fields.

.  Generate a Portfolio Budget Plan

Audience: Portfolio and Project Managers




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